Monday, November 7, 2011

Review of the Kindled Flame

The Kindled Flame (Freedom's Holy Light, Book 2)The Kindled Flame by Sally Laity

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book 2 in the Freedom's Holy Light Series finds Jane Haynes working for the Crown against her family's patriotic cause in the hope of attaining an advantageous marriage. Is she willing to betray those she loves to achieve her goal?

I really this book. It had a decent plot that started up a little after the first book, THe Dawn Awakening which was also decent. To be honest with you it is not one of my favorites yet it was also not a waste of my time. I admit this one took a few days to finish but as I said, I finished it. It is  one I borrowed from the library so no complaints on how much they are... Yet the plot was refreshing and also had a great twists here and there but the ending of the Awakening at Dawn was more leaning toward me.

  All in All it was not that bad of a book

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