Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blog Tour: The Color of Grace by Linda Kage (Surprise Post)

The Color of Grace

    So, let me start this off by saying, Linda.  I need to be reminded a day in advance about my post.  I am the most forgetful person to ever grace the earth with their presence.  Also, even though I want to throttle her right now.  Wish Linda a happy 20th birthday.  She doesn't look a day older than 19. :P

     So, Linda, other than not reminding me. *scowls*  We did a surprise post.  Well that leaves me with so many options...  And so little brain time.  So,  I finally decided that I will do her birthday present reveal (hers and my own personal christmas present too.....) .  So here it is along with a review and some birthday image I found on WeHeartIt.

     And for the big present reveal for the most amazing, funniest, non-smut writing author in the world.  Seriously,  you are going to get this shirt just email me your shirt size and I will get it made ASAP and in the mail.  You have been asking and I am finally agreeing to loan him to you.


  Onto the review!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: The Color of Grace
Author: Linda KAge
Series: N/A
Source: Printed Pre-edition sent from Linda
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Publishers
Publishing Date: August 1st 2012
Rating: 5/5 Nooks

   Two. Words.
 Ryder. Yates.


  Yes,  I was left crying for months and talking to myself.  It's okay you'll find someone like Ryder Yates, who doesn't have a last name that starts with one of the last four letters of the alphabet. You will.  *backstory* My last name begins with a W and I am always at the end of the line from the basketball roll to pictures.  And Yates will get me put even more to the end.  Next time, Linda I expect a male hero with the last name that begins with 2 "A"s.

    Well, I read the first book I ever read on my Nook First Generation was The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage, and the book took me off guard , grabbed me by my collar and dragged me to the Linda Kage Idol.  So, since then I fanned Linda on Goodreads and behold she sent me an email about fanning and ect.  I was kinda really liking this author.
    And I guess we haven't really emailed since then but she has been an amazing, dedicated follower from the beggining so when I saw on Linda's website that she had an excerpt of her new book out soon, and I emailed her telling her I just hated her and then we started talking and she sent me a printed version of the pages.  And God,  I fell head over heels in love with the writing style all over again.
   One thing you will hear over and over about Linda's writing style from all of her young adult books, you will learn that her simplicity and way with words can send her skyrocketing to the favorites of your long list of YA.  No, hers doesn't consist of tattoos and cussing- yet, but holds the innocence with sparking romance in it that sets her apart.
    As you know,  I should be biased since I pretty much love talking to this author.  I consider her my YA writing mother.  Yes, she gives me tips, encourages me, and is all around an a-m-a-z-i-n-g person.
  But knowing Linda didn't influence this review at ALL.   I would have love it.  The plot was original, although her mother did kind of sit on my nerves through out the book.  I just can't pinpoint why.
   The characters were all believable, even the school "it girl" who usually comes across way too cliche.  Especially Ryder, even though I am almost positive my mother would call him a Wimp, I call him my true love.  I know that Ryder is suppose to look like Zac Efron, but you know who I keep imagining him as?  Hunter Hayes.  Even though Hunter is about 6 inches too short to be Ryder, that is just the image I get when I think of Ryder Yates.
      My favorite scene?
     The one with Ryder crying in the bathroom with Grace.  That broke my heart and really stole the strory from a four star to a five automatically.  My aunt actually said she couldn't see why Ryder would cry if he really didn't like his ex girlfriend.  But,  I can see why.  He became emotionally attatched to her even though she was mean, possessive, and cheated on him with his best friend.
    One thing, I didn't really love was the ending.  I really would have liked to see more chemistry to commit to friendship between Lana and Grace.  And then eventually, like an ending with her and Ryder getting married or something.  But the ending didn't end that bad for me to give it less than a five because the rest was an absolute shear amazingly written book.