Monday, November 21, 2011

Maya the Stinker

 I finally get my 80's teen romances organized by author then, the Terror come. My Little almost three sister came through and pulled EVERYONE of my books off the shelf and scattered them all over the floor. She then started to laugh and said "See ,Bestfriend, I played with your books." 
 She has started to call me her best friend forever and whenever Momma starts yelling at me she yells at Momma ,"STOP YELLING AT MY SISTER!"
    Yes she cracks me up even though I could get her for messing up my bookshelf. I just got it organized


  1. Ooooh! She's so cute! And she loves you SO much! That precious. My little sister lives completely across the continent from me and I'd give anything to have her come and mess up my books again! Cute, cute pictures, too!

  2. Lol that sounds a lot like my sister!