Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: My Stupid Girl by Aurora Smith

Title: My Stupid Girl
Author: Aurora Smith
Published: December 19, 2012
Publisher: Indie
Length: 411 Pages
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Courtney
All seventeen-year-old David really wants is to fly under life's radar. In a typical cold winter day in Montana he does something extraordinary: rescues smart, funny, gorgeous good-girl Lucy Peterson from drowning in a freezing lake. As their friendship grows, David realizes that risking his life was the easy part. His friendship with a girl who is different from him in every imaginable way forces David to challenge himself and those around him. He must face the abuse of his past and the uncertainty of his future as he struggles to keep Lucy by his side.
     I haven't done a cover thoughts in forever, but I just know that now is the appropriate time for me to express in words how much I am in love with the NEW cover.  When I looked into the book, it had the original cover out and on the edition when I purchased it.  So, I thought to myself, Eh, I'm not in love mode over the cover, but the summary sounds interesting enough.... 
     So, I purchased it.  And boy am, I ever glad I purchased it.  I'm not going to lie, the old cover was what drew me in.  I thought it was going to be about some mentally retarded child, since the girl on the cover looked really young.
     The author said the first one had more sentimental value, than the second.   And I think the first showed more about the book in a nutshell than the second one with the typical pretty girl on the cover.  Even though I must admit, the second one is some candy for the eyes.  It is just the normal everyday. pretty girl cover.  Overall look wise, I love the second cover (the one with the girl laying in the grass), but if I had to choose over all symbolicness, I love the first cover (the one with the pencil on it.)   All in all the author did well in choosing both covers, even though I will admit the second one will draw more readers in because in all honesty we look for gorgeous covers before reading the sypnosis.  All in all, I like the second one better.

           I never ever look at recommendations on Goodreads from my friends.  I'll admit it.  But when this one popped up,  I have no idea why I was as intriguied as I was.  And as I stated before, it was the cover AND the title.  My Stupid Girl?  My mind was thinking something along the lines of: My Stupid Girl?  Mhmmm, I wonder what its about?  Fine, just click on the recommendation and find out.  Wait, why are you talking to yourself with yourself? You are cray-cray.
     So I bought, read, and loved.  I have always had trouble with books that are told by male characters instead of female.  I don't know why.  I just found them boring beyond compare.  Let us just put it this way, David is going to be my future husband.  Forget Lucy, even though they are an adorable couple, he's just got be mine.  If I can get David and Isaiah in a package sent to me for my basement, I'd be a thrilled Courtney.
     Thank you Aurora for creating a clean romantic book.  It is so, so hard to find a clean young adult book that is appropriate for the younger book bloggers that was still very, very enjoyable.  And there were a few grammatical mistakes, I can't help but see them, but they didn't take away from enjoying the plot and the writing.  
    There were a few things that can just draw a girl in while writing. For one, this book is different as the usual YA/NA characters were preppy, or at the least drooled over by every female in their student body.  It wasn't that case with David. He was a cutie pie to me, or at least an emo cutie pie.  Another big part, was that this guy didn't care what others thought of him.  You go David, I wish some of the best YA males didn't care what their rude butt friends think.  One last thing that really drew me into this book, is that is was practically unknown.  I like a book that not everyone has read.  It gives me this weird rush that I am going off into the unknown with this.  I think I am the only person in America that gets an adrenaline rush from buying unknown books.

    And the reason this book didn't get the full 5 stars from me.  I just felt like toward the end, when Lucy was in the hospital he was pushy. And I didn't expect Lucy to just submit to him telling her what to do.  I know I would have grabbed him by the snake bites and punched him in the face, and then I probably would have attacked him with kisses.  I think that was just one character flaw that I was a little upset about.  Maybe it is because  I am a little bit of a snappy person and have a pet peeve with people telling me what to do. 

   All in all, I enjoyed it immensely and I really, really hope Aurora comes out with an Isaiah and Evelyn story because I think I would wait in line 7 years just to read what happens with that relationship. Which I think I may just like more than Lucy and David's.  4 1/2 nooks is what I am going with.  But unlike most bloggers, I round up.  So it comes up to a 5 nooks.