Monday, November 7, 2011

Odd Fact Daily

 I was kinda upset when I sent out a note with a book someone won in a giveaway and the person, couldnt read my handwriting... In fact I was bummed. I know I have terrible handwriting, okay terribke is an understatement when I say that but if I take my time it isnt that bad like I did when I wrote my little note to the person...
  So I was a bummed out Courtney when I was told she couldn't read my handwriting... I still only need 4 more of you to follow before a big giveaway can take place taken out of my very on  money I am saving for my own books.. So don't forget if you read this, follow... :)  Correction.. I just saw I have another bookworm aka follower so make that 3... :)


  1. If you're talking about me, so sorry! I did not mean to upset you at all! It wasn't even bad, I'm just not very good at reading others' handwriting...just another one of the reasons I could never be a teacher!

  2. I was actually laughing when I read the email and I told my parents and they sad that I told you, you should have wrote in neater handwriting. Hopefully no hard feelings.
    - Courtney Wyant :)