Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review for the Start- Up Book 1 and 2

  Sadie Hayes has blown me away with this series. Though they are rather short in pages they will not let a reader down in how entertaining and full of suspense. This is something new in the YA genre for me and it blew me away. Far better than what I was hoping for. Both books filled with romance,threats,wall street, and Silicon Valley.

     First Book- The Start Up
  Adam and Amelia Dory spent their childhoods bouncing around foster homes. Now finishing their freshmen year on scholarship at Stanford, Amelia and Adam keep to themselves…until Amelia’s breakthrough program catapults her into the limelight. Surrounded by people that want to exploit their start-up—from T.J. Bristol, a young and ambitious entrepreneur angling to get back at his billionaire father, to Patty Hawkins, Amelia’s aristocratic bad-girl roommate—the twins are seduced at every turn, until the only people they can trust are enemies.

Provided by Sadie Hayes to Review
Second Book-   The Anti- Social Network
  The Dory twins grew up with nothing. Now on the verge of having everything, their fledgling company—built on Amelia’s intellect and Adam’s ambition—threatens to be torn apart by new, powerful enemies and old, malicious ones.

    These books set in Silicon Valley, the big boom of electronics and computer mania. The place where nerds go from basement livers to multi-millionairs in a short span of time. That is what this book makes me think of some videos we were forced to watch in ICT.. I was the only one, and i mean the only person in the classroom who paid attention.
    I was thinking when Sadie asked me to read these two for her that this is going to be a book about nothing but computer geeks, but she turned it into something completely different. She has created a story where I imagine the people as myself. I loved the writing the plot was nothing but original. They characters were all human. Not at all non-realistic. In fact they each had there flaws,poor Amelia... Thats all I got to say, the one guy she really likes is taken by another women..I am not going to say her name as it would be  a spoiler.

    Before I give any key details out I am just going to say get to your nearest Ereader device and buy these books. You know you want them!

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