Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disney World Part II

Sorry y'all I havent posted in forever.. It has been a very busy thanksgiving and I got hooked on the Vampire Academy books so it kinda took up all my time.. (I finished 4 of them in 4 days...not bragging or anything but....) So as I was saying I never did get to finish putting up about Disney World fun. Okay so we had alot of stuff that happened but I will just do the main stuff that happened and tell the rest with a few things that pop up along the way, like 80's Teen Thursdays, Odd Fact Daily, and a new Meme I am doing called So-Want Saturday. But on to Disney World.

 So it was 10 at night and we were bored to death.That is Tabby,Jett and I. Mother had just got my two year old sister ,Maya, asleep and threatened us with our lives if we woke her up..Did i mention it was the last night of our stay? Well it was and we had the Dinning Plan so we had 7 snacks left over. Here is how it went.Told in story form:

 "Momma, can we go get some ice cream?" I asked my mother, I was restless, even at 10 o clock at night and momma has already threatened to throw my nook in the garbage which I could not let happen.My nook is my favorite electronic and I couldn't loose her just yet.  
   My mother had little patience left for us, so she was desperate to get rid of us. She apparently didn't think about how someone could behind us hit us with a frying pan, knock us out, drag us to there black van,travel over the Mason Dixon line for me to develop a New Jersey accent... It could of happened but of course she didn't have that logic. 
   So as we climbed down the stairs my hair was a mess with a simple messy braid and a pair of jeans and my Geek Girl T-Shirt... (Yes I wore it even there) So as we were walking we had a habit of looking in the windows to see what animal  they had been made in towels by the maids  that are laid on the coffeetable by the window.So I was walking faster than both of the slower kids.Tabby and Jett were taking forever. So every time we'd look through a window hoping to see the different animals and characters made by the towels. Most of the time the lights were off and the curtains closed. So half way through walking around I looked in a window and saw the lights were on and the curtains not drawn.. odd for at 10 at night. So I peak through and you will never guess what I saw... 
   Through the windows I saw a women sitting on a bed and a man stnading up- stark naked. They weren't doing anything, thank god, just sitting and standing but with no clothes on.... It was odd for me and then I remembered my relatives. I looked back to see two little kids blushing and looking down. 
  I was still walking and then I got the nerve to ask them ,"Did y'all see that?" 
 They both sheepishly said "Yeah... I will never be the same" 
  That is something I learned and hope you will  to, never, ever let your 10,11, and 12 year old go get ice cream by there selves at night when walking  by windows.... They may see too much skin...

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