Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Heart of the Huntress

Title: Heart of the Huntress
Series:  Camille #2
Author: Tess Oliver
Publisher: Tess Oliver- Indie
Published: January 13, 2012
Rating: 4/5 ereaders
Source: Bought

  Seventeen-year-old Camille Kennecott has finally found true happiness. Her twin sister, Emily, has returned home after years of self-inflicted seclusion within the austere confines of Bethlem Hospital. Nathaniel Strider, the boy who has captured Camille’s heart, has tamed the beast within him and joins her whenever he is not living his dream as a sailor on the open sea. And her guardian, Dr. Bennett, has graciously carved out a space in his scientific laboratory for Camille to spend her day experimenting with herbal remedies. 
  When Dr. Bennett receives a plea from a colleague to visit Transylvania and help deal with the werewolf problem, Camille is thrilled at the prospect of traveling to this exotic place. But the darkest form of treachery has boarded the ship with them, and it is not long before Camille faces the chilling possibility of losing everyone she’s ever loved.
   I loved the cover to this book. I mean Camille  had a beautiful cover but this one is just swoon worthy. I believe I know who the creater of the cover is- Tess's daughter,Nikki, who was mentioned in my interview with Tess. Find it here.  Nikki has given me a glimpse of the *sigh*, most amazing, swoon-worthy, so want to marry book boyfriend. Now I really like the blue dress, Camille, is wearing and it really sets off the cover.
  All I have to say is - You rock at making the best looking indie covers ever, Nikki.


     I have been waiting months for more of the delectable Nathaniel Strider. Okay this swoon-worthy male that is an ex-werewolf. Now heres the thing, my Nathaniel is back with a huge load of muscle. Yes he is still  a romantic at heart but no longer a player because Camille is back with Nathaniel.
   So Nathaniel sets of on a ship to -Oh goodnessI forgot where- somewhere a good bit away from England. He is on a ship and has to ignore Camille for his reputation. If a guy said that to me I would knock them upside down with a frying pan like in Tangled. Then they have some problems- I must not say anything else in case I may leak out spoilers.

  So every person in love with Nathaniel fear not because the handsome rouge every female who has ever read Camille is back. I will say that their is another guy- not like Nathaniel hot but like a highlander in being huge. Yes Camille often refered to him as a giant. Yet I found him very attractive in the mental picture I found in my mind.
   Also, there is Camille's sister, Emily, who has taken a part as a major character in this book. Yes she is no longer timid and shy. I like her sarcastic voice and I found her a really enjoyable character. ((PS I think she found her on little love in this story *wink, wink* ))

   So if you have not bought Camille go purchase you a copy now and once you devour it ,  go get you Heart of the Huntress. It's only 2.99 and so worth it. Also I ask you to especially recommend Heart of  the Huntress to book friends. Tess said if she got a good, positive response she would write a 3 book.... People, I need a third book, I may not make it without a third book. Just keep that in mind ;)

    With Bookish Love,

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  1. That sounds like an cool book! I remember reading your review of Camille and adding it to my wishlist. And this looks even better! I'm going to see if I can get my parents to buy both for me ;)

    Ana @ BookSpark