Monday, January 16, 2012

So Want Monday (2)

 I kinda changed it to So Want Monday though it was So Want Saturday.  This week is one I have been DYING to read since I finished Fractured by her. Yes this is Forever by Cheri Schmidts.  That includes the amazing Ethan and Danielle. I need more of them and have been checking everyday for it to come out. Now if it will just hurry up and appear on B&N so I can read it and fall in love again with my favorite couple of 2011.

Title: Forever 
Series: Fateful - #3 and last
Author: Cheri Schmidt 
Publisher: Cheri Schmidt- Indie 
Published: January 15, 2012 
Thoughts : I NEED IT NOW!!!
Purchase at: Amazon 
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  Danielle and Ethan may have solved their problem with vampires, but other magical beings have taken interest in the ones who discovered the cure. 

On the run trying to escape a gaggle of evil pixies, a clan of creepy werewolves, a coven or two of wicked witches, and a school of lovely but malicious mermaids, they fight to have a normal life. But that isn't so easy when the only aid they have is from slightly dishonest fairies and flirtatious vampire bodyguards. 

This is Danielle and Ethan's happily forever after..

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  1. Pretty cover. I've just noticed recently, it's those books in a series that we can't wait for the most.