Monday, January 2, 2012

Review of Beg For Mercy

Title: Beg For Mercy 
Series: Cambion
Author: Shannon Dermott 
Publisher: Indie aka Shannon Dermott 
Published: August 7th, 2011
Source: Author

Everyone dreams of that first kiss. Of that magic moment when your lips finally meet those of that special person you've waited your whole life for. A little awkward, a little scary, a little hot and every bit amazing. We speculate that the whole world will shake and time will just stop. No one, however, ever imagines that kiss to bring Death himself knocking. 

Sixteen year old Mercy Moore's life just got more complicated. The kiss that originally could have meant she would finally have a boyfriend now was the kiss that could have very nearly ended his life. A small detail her mother conveniently never told her will take her life for an abrupt u-turn. Dating, no love, was now completely and utterly impossible. And the boy well, that boy would never be the same. 

But life, however cruel, goes on. Far too soon for her taste, Mercy finds herself at a senior party with the elite students of her school and her best friend. And of all things, playing a stupid game that could very well mean the death of someone in that small room. If it were not for her best friend, the hottest guys in school, and a small need to fit in, she may have been able to escape the disaster that was to come. Her worst nightmare, her personal curse, her very life, only gets dangerously worse. 

  I really, really like this cover. Though the cover models are top part nude, unless you look closely you would not be able to see that little detail. Also I like the simpleness of the cover, it goes perfect with the book, which is really amazing and has a cool cover to go with it. Just one question,
    Which boy is it with Mercy? 
   Four Words Words: Luke,Sebastian,Flynn,Paul,
   Gosh, I thought I would die from all the hot boys. One of the few things I hated about this book is how Mercy ends up kissing EVERYONE of these boys. I mean all of them,I believe she kissed 2 of them in the same day.  That kinda annoyed  me because I had a crush on all four, but if I had to pick a favorite I am so in love with Paul its not even funny. I could hug and kiss him all day long. I was just disappointed she liked him. She doesn't leave a boy for me to try to win over.... Thanks alot Mercy.
Other than me getting mad at the succubus part of Mercy, I really enjoyed the over all story plot. It really can get the reader captivated by  the story of a succubus in love with someone... More than jut someone in this case, it is like  every hot guy within a hundred miles. Yes, I really could have gotten Mercy, she doesn't leave me with any hot guys..... The plot develops with the story and I really can not  wait for the next one to continue the story.
   I have never even attempted to read anything about a succubus,  in fact I had no idea what in the world that and an incubus was until this book. So when I found out about Mercy falling in love with Luke and he was a human. I was thinking; Oh God she is going to kill him by kissing him. I just know it.  I am just going ahead and telling you people he doesn't die, or at least not by kissing her. To find out more about Hunky Luke you have to read Shannon Dermotts Book Beg for Mercy.
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