Thursday, January 12, 2012

80's Teen Thursday

 Title: Plainsong for Caitlin
Author: Elizabeth M Rees
Publisher:  Avon Flare 
Published: April 1, 1996 
Source: Library 
Dates Read: January 12th 2012- January 12th, 2012

It was Rebecca's decision to go west, yet it is Caitlin who blossoms with the beauty and strength of the prairie itself. Challenged by the relentless hard work and life-threatening struggles that overwhelm timid Rebecca, Caitlin is enchanted by the rugged American West. And it is here that Caitlan discovers a love as compelling and dangerous as the land itself.

Borrowed from a school library, I throughly enjoyed this quick read while i was "listening" to my teacher teach. The characters were all well developed but I wished it to be a bit longer. 
  The author does a well job on the dialet of the speakers in the time, and I loved the setting with the thatch roof. 
  Caitlin reminds me alot of myself. She is so stubborn and thinks that if the boys can do it then so can I. She was the one who took care of herself and Rebecca, though Rebecca was the one who answered an add requesting a wife for marriage.  
  Rebecca was an interesting character but she was a tad too bit- bratish. I thought that Nate- the main hot guy in the book-( my second Dimitri and Patch ;) ) would have broken up with Rebecca but in the end it all turns well... 
  I loved the very end of the book when someone comes back but I wont leave a spoiler to who. :) 

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  1. OMG, I swear I saw my sister reading this very book when I was little. What a happy blast from the past.