Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interview: Devon Ashley

Here is my part on the tour stop :) -
1) So let's start off with something easy on the question. What started you off writing? I actually started off really young. So young in fact that I don't remember when it happened. I think I finally took it a little more seriously a few years back when I went from writing to de-stress from my day to really just wanting to write all the time. I've got a ton of ideas marinating in my head and I can't wait to get them written down already.

2) Which of your books took the longest to compose? Ordained, but only cause I was writing it for fun - it took about six months of free time to complete. Falling In Between was the quickest, easiest write for me and it was done in less than six weeks.

3) So whose romance did you enjoy writing the most, Chance + Jenna or Robert +Jenna? Jenna and Robert. But I may be a little biast cause Robert looks a LOT like my hubby. :)

4) Which of your characters did it take the longest to deveop and figure out who they were going to be in the story? Hmm...didn't really have that problem. But, I suppose Jhett took a little time to figure out how to best incorporate into the story. I wasn't sure if he would have a purpose in the story, or just play the best friend's love interest.

5) What is your favorite thing to do in your free time other than writing , if that was the answer to begin with? Free time...hmm...currently wondering what that is. Well, before I had a hubby and a little man in my life I used to knit up a storm. These days 'free time' is as elusive as a mermaid in the desert.

6) Did you plan out Falling in Between,  or did you just let it develop as you wrote? I had a basic idea of where I wanted the story to go. But truthfully, I just started and let my characters guide me where they wanted to go.

7) Do you remember where you were when you finished writing the last page of Falling in Between? LOL. Probably sitting on my bum on the sofa, my left hand in a jar of M&Ms and my little boy's eyes peeking over the top of my laptop watching me, trying to use a Jedi-mind-trick to get me to put on an episode of The Wonder Pets.

8) Who is a boy that you wish was your Best Book Boyfriend? Patch from the Hush, Hush series. YUM!!!!

9) Favorite scene to write in the book? Why was it your favorite? Probably the hospital scenes between Jenna and Sophie cause Sophie is just flippin' crazy! Seriously, how many of your girlfriends would bring you a mylar balloon with It's A Boy written on it cause...(well, you'll see!)

10) What is your advice to the writers of the world? Write what you like and don't let the negativity your sure to run across get you down.  

11) What are your thoughts of Snuggies? ROFLMAO!!! You have no idea how much my husband and I crack up when we see the newest comercials of those snuggie-type pajamas with the back door openings! I don't care how cold it is outside...I would NOT wear that to the football game like they try to promote! Or around the house...

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