Monday, July 25, 2011

Twelve Long Months Review....


I thought I would finally write a review on one of my favorite books. Yes the pereson in the picture is me without makeup....*Run the other way... i know I am ugly but I just got back from Basketball practice (:  *

    Yes I am sad to say I bought it for 1.99 at a reduced price store but it was worth every penny and I would have paid 50.00 for the book anyday. It was one of my favorites.

   Summary taken from the back of the book.

   Molly Swain is hopelessly in love. Mark is broody, mysterious, funny, attractive , artistic - basically, the only interesting in her small Minnesota town. She wonders to herself  if they'll ever be more than lab partners ...... until the fateful day that she discovers they'll both be moving to New York City, after they graduate. Clearly they're meant to be together. Right?
   Wrong. In Minnesota, Mark had a secret. And in New York, Molly discovers it. Not only is she not his type, she's not even the right gender. But does she immediately fall out of  love with hum? If only it were that easy.......
    This is one that I fell in love with the characters. I loved Molly for believing and being her. For being in Love even though she knows it won't work out... She is one of my favorite character from a book. She has claimed my heart as my favorite girl character of a novel for the past year.
   Mark also has a spot in my reading heart... I loved him but I cant give you a reason why. He was just there for me and Molly. He is also a favorite character even though I had times where I hated him and others when I wanted to kiss him.
  Brian has  a way of making readers to get lost in his works. One of my favorite Modern day fictions.
  I agree with the last few words of this book

 I guess you could call this a love story. Not the one I wanted or imagined , but a love story, all the  same.
  It was a love story. One that captivated me  and the 13 friends I hesitantly lended to because it was one of my favorites. The loves story was not your typical they end up together happily ever after. It was far from that but a heck of a lot of good. This will always be on eo f my favorites and if you would try it. Rather from the library if you don't want to go out and buy it but it was worth every penny if you buy it.

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