Monday, July 4, 2011

Born at Midnight Review...

 Born at Midnight was a book I was surprised at to be honest...  I thought another vampire book with werewolves but it surprised,shocked me really... but this book had me laughing a good bit with the humor.. When Della threatened to sell Miranda's blood on Ebay.... You don't know how hard i laughed on that and when Miranda was yelling at the Socks who she thought was Perry.
    A horrible day. A horrible week. A horrible month. That is what 16 year old Kylie's life is. Her loving Father getting a divorce with her cold mother. Her Nana dying. And her boyfriend, Trey, dumps her for a slut. Miserable. When her best friend Sara drags her to a place where she was there at the wrong place at the wrong time....
    Before she knows it her Mom's dropping her off at an all Summer camp for special kids. When she first gets there she thinks they are all freaks excluding her. Soon she figures out this place is for the super natural. She refuses to believe that because neither of her parents are supernatural. Soon she will find out if she is super natural or just plain luny.

   This book had me laughing at 7:17  in the morning which is a rare thing, I can assure you... As I get further into this book I kept thinking Lucas or Derek ? So the next novel will probably help me with that. I loved all the characters especially Della and Lucas....  Perry the pervert... I recommend you this book... It is worth every penny you spend on it.


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