Monday, July 11, 2011

The Summer I Lost It

Title: The Summer I Lost It.
Author: Natalie Kath
Format: ARC eCopy. 
Pages: 112
Release Date: August 1st 2011
Published By: Capstone 
Imprint: Stone Arch Books


 This is the first book I have read and got from  NetGalley and it was honestly good but its hard to explain. It was honestly good. Alot to do with weight loss. Something I need to be doing at the moment.

   One thing I really like in a book is first person. It helps me love the character even more.  That is what Kat does. You have to like her determination and willpower to not be one of the skinny girls but feel more healthy  and active.
   The writing is something teenagers would relate to in the wording.  Kat is like many 14 year olds.... worrying about her weight and of course boys.

     Kat wants to lose weight by going to fat camp but her family can not afford it so she joins the local gym and gets the same personal trainer her aunt has. When she goes she cant believe she needs to give up all of her favorite foods: junk food and super salty foods.
    She felt sore in the beginning but felt the urge to keep running.  She keeps going to the gym: to keep fit, lose weight, and see the cute boy Conner she met at the gym through her trainer, Sarge.  Soon she feels better than  she has in along time and through exercising feels the weight come off even though she is not hoping to become super skinny she wants to at least feel good about her weight. While losing weight will she gain a boyfriend???

    It is a good book for children and  teens alike. Some can relate and it helps if you can but if you see it at your library stop by and give it your time. You may like it you may not but just give it a try. It is not one of my favorites but it is a good story with a good plot.     I give it 3 Nooks..

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