Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spellbound Review

      Title : Spellbound 
     Author: Cara Lynn Shutlz
    Publication:  Harlequin TEEN 
   Source: Net galley
       Pages:  324
   Format:  ARC or Ebook

     I honestly lovede this story.Although at times it did get a little bit too clique for my taste in stayed interesting and kept me reading for 4 hours.

    The characters were well developed and they grew as the weeks went on. I am glad of that. I can not stand a book where the characters are not developed , but Cara did Develop her characters , especially Emma and Brendan.
   Although it did have to do with paranormal, like most books now er days. This one is a little bit different. I really enjoyed the story and the little mid-evil fariytale which it revolved around ... It was a very exciting book that I didnt want to lay down. I finished it in one day and it was worth every second...
   Even though people usually do not make tht big deal out of gossip. It was very good and had me laughing my head off at the right times.

  Brendan : Who couldn't help but fall in love with him? He was the handsome bad boy with the beautiful ink black hair and shocking green eyes,yet never had a girlfriend. He was selfless and he really had me falling for him but not as fast as Emma was but I sure did fall for him.

   It is a perfect read a few time and keep on the shelf forever and pass onto your children... I am going to buy this in paperback ASAP because

1) Who doesn't love the cover?
2) It was great read and I really liked it
3) If the author comes out with anymore. It will be on my bookshelf the day it's published.  

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