Monday, July 18, 2011

Review : Heart On A Chain

    Another one of my favorites.  By one of my favorite authors who I am so excited to tell y'all will be interviewed and up ASAP.. Mrs. Cindy has even volunteered to do a giveaway. Well I guess I need to stop typing the gossip but continue with the review so here it goes :
   Henry and Kate were best friends through childhood. Then one day Henry moves and Kate is left with her abusive - Mother, of all things.  When her baby brother died when she was younger her Mother never got over the event and started to beat Kate, do drugs, and not feed her only child.

   I first bought this book while flipping through the teen section and clicked on it. begged my Dad and then I was reading it. This is one I bragged about to my Aunt, Mother, Cousins,Sisters,and Anyone who would listen to me. It got me started writing so you see why it is one of my favorites. The plot is good and for once in a story the relationship took time to grow. Which it really does in real life.  I really did enjoy Kate and Henry along with Grandpa Henry and all of his sisters.
   A beautiful novel in and out.  I suggest you buy an ebook copy of it but I am telling you will want to buy a signed copy of it from Cindy C Bennetts website  and if you are like me and love your t shirts she also has a Geek Girl one after her Novel, Geek Girl . I am proud to say I wear it everywhere  and if Mrs. Cindy makes Heart on a Chain  t shirts another wear at least once a week shirt.


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