Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview with Linda Kage

* Dark Purple is me asking a question 
*Linda answering my questions 
*Me commenting on Linda's answers 

I have an interview with the lovely Linda Kage who has agreed to answer my questions. I loved her novel, The Stillburrow Crush which is on my to-buy list in paperback... You know I am such a procrastinator 

1) Do you plan your stories before you even write it or do you just let it flow from your finger tips ? 
I think I'm a planner.  At least I have to have a general idea in my head, or I get stuck.  Every once in a while, this cool scene will come to me and I'll jot it down, but then after that, I'm like, okay, now where do I go?  Soooo...I'll think about it a while until I get an idea of what to do next.

( I wish I could finish the first 3 chapters in any of my stories. I get frustrated and the documents find them selves strolled through my house all over the place. The first page may be in the bathroom and the next in the pantry next to the rice ... Its sad I know)) 

2) When did you first have an interest in writing? 

In first grade. My teacher read one of my cheesy poems I had to write for a class assignment, and she praised it so much, I've wanted to be a real author ever since.
((Mine was 6th grade when one of my teachers made us write a short story mine was a romance called The Neutral Zone and I got in trouble for using the sentence His lips clamped onto mine as if sealing an agreement of our love forever...  My mother asked my teachers to watch to see if I read any inappropriate books which I did not .. It was such an embarrassment )) 
3) What were you in high school? Were you a part of the popular group or one of the kids that studied for every test that was handed to them? Did you want to stay in highschool or get the heck out? (Sorry, that was a mulitple question one. ) 
I'm not too sure what I was in high school.  It was a pretty small school (around 200-250 students total of freshmen through seniors), so I was probably in a couple groups. I participated in basketball a few years, volleyball, and track, so I might've been though of as a jock.  I was in the student honor's society, but I wasn't a straight A student, there was one or two Cs mixed in there with the As and Bs. I didn't hang out with the most popular people, but I didn't really hang out with the least popular people either. I'd say I was somewhere in the middle.  Lots of my friends were Christianly (me too), so  I bet I was considered a goody-two-shoes.  A nice girl.  I know, pretty boring.
I was ready to leave by the end of it.  Don't really miss it either, though I never had a bad time in high school, it just wasn't my thing.  I'm glad to be away from from that kind of social environment and do my own thing without worrying about fitting in so much. 
 (( I am still in it... so I will get back to y'all but I think I am ready to leave it )) 
4) Are your characters in your books based on anyone in real life ? 
No, not really.  If I know someone with an interesting habit or if they say something that's totally cool, I'll find a way to slip it into my stories.  But I couldn't tell you who said what or who did what in real life.  Though I can say I DID wear a long, brown trench coat duster thing in high school like Carrie did in The Stillburrow Crush.   
( I admit it . I have written about people in real life either by there appearance or personality that set them different from everyone else, I just do not let the people I write about read the stories, otherwise it would be akward considering the fact that all I write are romances :) ) 
5) If you had to pick one of your characters to meet from The Stillburrow Crush, who would it be? 
I'd want to meet Marty.  I'd have a serious crush on him too, though I'd be too bashful to actually talk to him.

(I liked Marty but I was in love with Luke since the beginning but isnt everyone? The guy writes poetry AND has an amazing car. Right now I am Jealous at Carrie for having him all to herself...)  
6) Best Book Boyfriend from any of your stories ?
Hands down, Ryder from The Color of Grace.  That young adult romance story hasn't come out yet.  I just contracted it, so hopefully it'll release in 2012. But trust me, from the moment he meets Grace, you KNOW he likes her.  He just melts my heart.

Lydia is soooo cute :) 
( Another YA romance from you? Heck it will be on my Nook the day it comes out. I can't wait to get my hands on it, another book to add to my to-read books for 2012 ) 
7) Do you cry in a sad story when one of the main characters die ? 
I do, but I cry more when they don't die.  I bawled most of the way through the second Twilight book because Bella and Edward were separated. What gets to me most is when people in love are separated.  Oh, don't make me cry again.  I don't have a tissue handy to wipe my nose.

( I usually bawl when one of my favorite characters die.. I was reading Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison during school.. talk about bawling in the middle of Math class. I had to go to the bathroom to stop crying ) 
8) Your favorite book of all time? 
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  But it's been so long since I read it, I forgot a lot about that story. I just remember liking it...a lot.

( i need to read it... It is on my to-read shelf. I just need to pick it up on my nook or next time I go to Wal-Mart pick up the paperback version cause the closest bo(Gokstore near me , other than the used book store is 1 hour away)
9) Advice to the Writers of the World ? 
Don't give up.  If you REALLY want to be a writer, you'll find your own way to get there and you'll find the time to do it.  You'll learn how to write, and submit your stories, and improve your talent. It won't be easy, and at the beginning, there will be more heartbreaks than reasons to celebrate.  But the only thing that can honestly stop you is giving up.

( GREAT advice, I will take that in my mind and cherish it because that really is great advice and i really needed it because I am writing a story called Love is Diverse  and I am starting to give up but I will keep trying :) ) 
10)Do you have a most obsessed fan ? 
Add caption
No. I really need an obsessed fan over here.  So not feeling the love.  I've had a couple people (like the wonderful Courtney) who've written to me and chatted, which totally makes my day.  But no one's ever been too much that I can't take them.

( Give it time... You will get someone who is so obsessed they email you every second of the day and ask constantly for a signed bookmark or book plate they can add to your idol in their bedroom  JK. (: )) 
11) Who inspired you to write ? 
I guess that first grade teacher did.  Actually, I've had a couple of really awesome school teachers who have praised my writing.  They're the ones who made me think I could really do it.  My sister Sandra reads every thing I write, be it good or bad.

( None of my teachers I have had in the past liked to read stories written by kids so no praising- yet ) 

12) Favorite thing to do during your free time ? 
Reading, of course!!  I got married and had a baby, so I like spending time with those two.  I totally love my family.  I like watching movies, and taking walks, and eating out (oh, yum, I LOVE to eat out!!).

( Nice.....) 

13) Out of all your books which one was your favorite to write ? 
Ooh, tough question.  I dunno.  The story I'm currently writing is always the one I like best.  Then I finish it and start another, and love that one the best.  I'm so fickle.

Thank you so much, Linda. I really appreciate you taking your time to let me interview you even though I do not have thee most interesting questions in the world, I hope I did not waste too much of your time.  Again, I thank you :) 

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  1. Oh, I just saw this interview. Thank you so much, Courtney. I loved your comments. And defnitely don't give up on your story. I like the title!

    Thanks for posting a Lydia pic. I have to agree; she is sooo cute!! LOL

    Thanks again!

  2. Great interview ladies! I must admit I've used real people in a few of my books! :)

    Amber Skyze

  3. Great interview! I have used real people in my book and WIP's. I could be your stalking Linda if you want! LOL!

  4. Now I'm curious if I'm in any of Amber or Marie's book!!

    And thanks for the stalker offer. That's so sweet!

  5. Stalker offers considered sweet...Lovely :)

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