Friday, August 26, 2011

Interview with Brian Malloy

  Okay so this is one of my favorite authors. ( Don't I always drag out my favorite authors for an interview?) Brian Malloy is one of my favorites.

Here is my interviewing him, along with my complementary on some of the questions. (You all know me... trying to get my 2 bits  in )

Question I asked: 
 Me commenting 
Brians answer to my questions.

1)      If you had to meet one of your characters in real life which one would it be? Also which one was your favorite character from Twelve-Long Months?

I would like to meet Kevin Doyle from The Year of Ice, and let him know it gets better.

My favorite character from Twelve Long Months is Molly.  She is smarter, more savvy, and more attractive than she realizes.

 ( I love Molly too. She is so like able and also so realistic . What I would do to meet her.. *sigh* )

2) If you had to jump out of a window when your house is burning, what one thing would you grab?

I would grab three things: my partner and my two dogs.

3) If you did nothing but write, how long would it take you to write a book?
It takes about a year.

4) One book that you can just read and read and read over and over again?

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer.

( Hmmm I dont even think I can answer that but the book I have re-read and re-read is a middle school one, Fairest by Gail Carson Levine . I loved the Heroine, Aza. )
5) If you were stranded on a desert island and you had to choose between television or 500 books which one would you choose?

500 books.  No contest.

(Me too. I dont watch TV at all )

6) What made you write in Molly's point of View other than Mark's?

I felt like I already knew a character like Mark from my previous books.  Molly was more of a mystery.

7) Do you ever wish you could change something in any of your books?

Yes.  I got two facts wrong about 1978 Minneapolis in my first novel, and those mistakes were highlighted in a major review of the novel.

8) Are you a big reader or more of a writer?

I am much more of a reader.

9) Highschool. Did you want to leave or linger a few more years?

I wanted to get the hell out of Dodge.

10) Did you get many rejection letters before Twelve Long Months got accepted?

Actually, the book sold on proposal, meaning that I had not written the manuscript, just a synopsis.  I received over 100 rejections for my first novel.

(Did not know they did that.) 

11)  What age did you start writing?


( Just a year before me, I started to write at age 11 but just ideas, nothing super big. I have different ideas but I get discouraged) 

12) What is your advice for the writers of the world?

Write because you love to write.  If you hope to have your work published, get honest and constructive feedback on your drafts from people you trust to be candid.

Thank you so much Brian for answering my questions and there is one thing I love about your writing, it is realistic. I have a special spot on my shelf for Twelve-Long Months. I am so glad you answered my questions  I really did love your book and I am going to buy your other books in the later time. 

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