Monday, April 9, 2012


 I would love to introduce our newest book blogger at Courtney's Book Nook. I am extremly happy for her to be joing the Courtney's Book Nook crew that used to only consist of me. Here is what she told us about herself-

Hola! I'm Kristin! I'm really not good at writing things like this so if you just don't read this, you're not really missing much. Just a bunch of mindless rambling. Okay, so I'm 14 and the oldest of 3 girls in the family! I am 5'4" and, according to the doctor, not going to grow anymore! I have naturally brown hair, but right now it's red (and sadly it's washing/fading out so it should be gone by next week :( ) and brown eyes. Um I'm just going to get this out there... Music is my life! Like not even kidding. I wouldn't be able to live without music, I always have music playing whether it's an earbud in my ear, or my iPod plugged into my iHome. I have a lot of favorite artists and bands! (Alex Gaskarth *faint* I want him to be mine!!) there are too many to list, but just to sum it up... I have about 2,000 songs on my iPod and more like 5,000 in my iTunes :D. Uh letsee... What else is there? Um HARRY POTTER!!! :) favorite book series ever!!! I dance too! I tap and do ballet! I will be beginning pointe classes next year, and tap is my most favorite!! I absolutely can't stop tapping! Especially when I'm nervous! Weird... I know! ^.^ Disney World is my love! I go there every year! Dumbo is my favorite character! Well, there's a little blurb about me! I'm really excited to start reviewing books!

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  1. Hi Kristin. Great bio. I can't wait to read your first review!