Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Feature of the Week: Thoughtless- Author Interview

1) Hi Jacqueline. Cool name by the way. Any idea why yourparents named you that?

Because it's Frenchand it's cool!  But really, no specificreason.  It was just a name my parentsliked.

2) So your book Thoughtless is a Paranormal Thriller. Whichindividual genre do you prefer to read?

I love YA.  That's probably obvious!  But I'm also a sucker for food and travelmemoirs.  One of my dream vacations is aroad trip through Europe.  I hope Iactually get to do it someday.

3) I was snooping around your blog and saw you have a book Jade coming out inApril. What can you tell us about it? Also, just a add-on I am in love with thecover to it. :)

Thanks!  I love the cover too!  Jadeis the start of series of novellas set in the fictional mountain town of SilverHills.  After Jade's older sister,Crystal, went missing, her family moved away. But the death of her grandma brings Jade back to town six years later.  And yes . . . history is about to repeatitself!  *gasp*

The second novella iscalled Crystal.  I hope to have it out sometime this summer.

4) So,  who happens to be your favorite book boyfriend? We all want toknow!

My awesome critiquepartner wrote a heroic hottie that I'm currently obsessed with - the Norse Godof winter and Thor's stepson!  I hope therest of the world gets to read about him. It's a definite possibility!

5) What was your favorite book as a teenager?

I was the girl waitingin line at midnight for Harry Potter.  Ieven painted a life-size replica of the Fat Lady for a friend's party in ninthgrade.

6) Have you had a most obsessed stalker- I mean- fan yet? If youdon't I am positive I can find someone on this blog to be a stalker-I meanobsessed  fan.

No.  But if any of you would like to volunteer, Ilive at 543 Main Street Apt. # . . . - I mean, I'm a new face in the bookworld.  It'll be a while before I meet anobsessed fan *cough - stalker - cough* if I ever do.

7) What is the coolest/oddest/funniest blog titles you have cameacross so far?

Courtney's BookNook.  JK!  I read quite a few blogs but I haven't comeacross a name that has made me do a double take.

8) What does your free time consist of when not reading orwriting?

I walk a lot, I hike alot, and I work out if time permits.  Onthe opposite spectrum of that, I'm obsessed with cake decorating.  Every holiday is an excuse to make cupcakes!

9) How long did it take to complete each of your books?

It usually takes me2-3 months to complete a first draft.

10) I just had to ask this, what do you think of the newCourtney's Book Nook look? I know its a little vain but I am in love with itbecause I took all the pictures and edited them all by myself.

No, that's not vain.  Whatevs,that's totally vain.  No, it'snot!  I especially love the cute littlegirl on your header.  Is that you?  I've worn a few pink tutus in my time aswell.  You mean when you wore one yesterday?  . . . Please excuse my wandering thoughts.

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