Friday, February 10, 2012

Jr Beta Essay

Hi, everyone. If you had been stalking me or know me you know that I have been writing an essay for Jr Beta. So tell me what you think? It is the work of a 7th grader named Courtney. :)

     One foot soon preceded the other, we slowly descended into the cockpit of our car, our own thoughts drifted to the race. We have just committed to start and finish. Our breathing is heavy as if we  ran a hundred laps around a track ,but it is just anticipation  that is making the intake of air a struggle for us . We, as Betas, already know the goals we will strive for and hopefully
 achieve in this race: leadership, good character for all to see, and academic excellence. This grand prix is the race of life, and we are the pace car.

   When we start our engines, we hear the roaring of our competitor’s engines and are reminded they are the competition; however, as Betas, we are thinking about displaying a strong leadership which will cause people to think of us as being admirable leaders.  Betas are the pace makers in this race toward greatness. The race of life will consist of winners and losers.  Some may have trouble during the race, and some may not finish at all.  However, we Betas strive to use our leadership skills to guide them back on track and encourage them to finish the race.

   As we make the beginning pace laps, we feel the rumble of our engines combined with others engines; we realize that others will race dirty. Though they may race dishonestly, we will not be affected because of our integrity.   As a leader everyone will witness what we do.  Bad behavior is infectious, and we must strive to erase it whenever possible.

  How can we erase bad behavior?  We will display good behavior.  Good behavior, like bad behavior is also contagious.  Our character is our fuel.  It pushes us .  Better fuel means better results –our car runs better on high grade fuel.  Bad fuel, that is bad behavior, will bog down our car, slowing us down at the worst possible times.
    Now we have our foot on the pedal and our eyes set on the track before us. This race will depend on our academics more than anything else.  We have checked our fuel gauge to make sure it has enough fuel to power us through the race. 

   When the race starts, the first bend in the road for Betas is going to be academic achievement which we are expected to grasp and maintain.  We have already started a foundation for the academic part before the race. Now, we are about to start the race Beta is preparing us for, a harder race than the other ones we have run before. Good grades are something all true Betas strive for in this race. Beta supplies a support crew for our willpower; this willpower fuels our educational success. It is the foundation that will boost us forward into the race of life where we will seek a job with a good pay and good working conditions. So, our education is very important, and it will most definitely be a great part of this race of life.

 “Betas Start Your Engines!” a deep voice commands from the stands above.  The checkered flag is thrown down, and we launch off the line. We speed down the track; our hearts set on letting the on lookers observing our race see academic excellence, desirable character, and incomparable leadership. The race has begun, and it will soon show that it is not to be an easy feat to complete. Furthermore, this isn’t just a race with no importance. It is the race of life, one that we will reflect back on and, yes, continue forever.

Word count: 604

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