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Review of Fractured

Fractured (Fateful, #2)Fractured by Cheri Schmidt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Okay so  this book started off 7,000,000,000,000,000 times better than the first. Well that is my opinion. So the romance is so much more developed between Ethan and Danielle. Instead of the few stolen kisses and feeling guilty about ruined reputation, they go for the more than kisses and Ethan starts to want more than kisses and Danielle is soon agreeing with him.

 Lets put it like this; I was on the very edge of my seat when I got to the engagement. I was so thrilled and then later on when she found out she was pregnant with a baby I was upmost shocked and so excited. I was telling everyone and anyone about the soon to come baby. So what happened next made my heart break and tears well in my eyes. I am not going to tell you what happens.

 So one thing about it was when they lost the baby. They weren't as sad as most parents would  be if they lost a child. I would have been so sad if my child had been murdered. I would have probaly never be able to move on... But maybe Danielle was a fast person to get over things. I am just saying she really didn't cry too much over a lost babe...

 All together, I liked the new character of Lilith, well she isn't brand spankin' new either but she isnt old. She was introduced  in the first book as a sorceress. She is a sorceress in this book and a pretty cool,neat one toward the end. I imagined her to cruel and evil  but she turned out being not that bad of a "bad guy" She was kind enough to give Danielle and Ethan pieces of candy to change them back when they desired it. So she wasn't a complete evil vampire.

 So here is what I liked about this book,most and agreed with all the way with Ethan: "Ready for baby number two?" ... Am I ready??? I desire a baby that will stay alive, that is if Danielle can still reproduce after being stabbed with a dagger?, I do hope she is because I want a baby from the two of them... I want one more than anything else. I want a little Ethelle ... So I am definatly getting my hands on a copy

Favorite quote:

 "Ready for baby number two?"

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