Saturday, December 10, 2011

Review of Beautiful Code

Title: Beautiful Code
Series: The Start-Up
Author: Sadie Hayes
Publisher: Backlit Fiction
Publish: Sometime in Early January
Source: From the Author for review (ARC)

Amelia and Adam Dory are back, this time in Hawaii for a press conference.While getting ready to tackle the engineering world with the potential next big thing with Doreye. I new app invented by Amelia in the first book. Soon before Amelia and Ada are on Firm ground, a new company,try to sabotage Amelia in an interview and get their app-just like Amelia's- up in the market. 

Mini Review: 
My only problem with this series are the books are so short. They always have me aching for me. Sadie Hayes has taken something, I have read and really,really, enjoyed. I would say loved but I have to wait til SPRING for it.

Review itself: 
    Beautiful Code,3rd book in the The Start-Up by Sadie Hayes, was as always great. I just have a few personal opinions. I think,personally, that Amelia and TJ should be a couple. I see very little Romance on Amelia and- well anyone in the book. She had a crush on Sundeep, so maybe that would work out but I am all Team TJ .... Just saying.
  Sadie  did a fantastic job writing these books and they have and achieved major potential. The characters have developed all of them. Some I get more fond of by the day others I get more and more mad at every second of my reading. Amalia, Adam, and TJ... I think I will always like them, Yet Lisa .. I am not even going to go there with her. She is a character I am getting tired of. Just pick one already!(and don't break Adams heart or I will puncture yours). There is plenty of suspense to keep you healthy and happy. :)
  So Sadie's next FANTASTIC novella will be out aroung Spring 2012. Look for the first to books in the series on Amazon and B&N The Start-Up and The Anti Social Network already out and Beautiful code in  January 2012

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  1. Everyone keeps talking about the Start-up series. I must read this!