Saturday, December 3, 2011

News Update

So lately has been hectic. School and everything else in the world has been taking up my time, including reading. But I am not going to quit blogging or even take time off from it. I am just apologizing to the people who have been asking me to review there books and I agreed and I am taking a month to review. It has been because my mother took away my nook and it took me all of 2 weeks to find it.
  Yet I am super excited that I have a good bit of author swag now. All of it the authors have been constantly sending to me after i request it. Here is what I got right now and I am waiting for the rest of it to come in through the mail from some authors, :)It took me about a month and half to get ahold of all this stuff which is uber awesome.

- 4 Sing Me to Sleep bookmarks sent to me from Angela Morrison, author, signed
- 3 Colleen Coble bookmarks sent to me from Colleen for subscribing ,author,
- 2 The Day Before bookmarks sent to me by Lisa Schroeder,author, signed
- 1 old Geek Girl cover bookmark sent to me by Cindy C Bennett
-1 Bloodspell bookmark sent to me from Amalia Howard, signed to me
- 1 signed bookplate to Courtney, Bloodspell, Amelia Howard sent to me
- 1 signed bookplate from Colleen Coble
- 1 signed bookplate from Lisa Schroeder (which I am buying one of her books for a gift and sticking it in)
-1 postcard signed to me from Lisa Schroeder
- 1 poster from Colleen Cobble  

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