Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review of Geek Girl

  Well I have got myself on the Geek Girl blog, a little late, but I still managed to get myself on. I actually have a  signed copy of Geek Girl in paperback from Mrs. Cindy, when I read her book as a ebook copy.I fell in love with her story of Jen and Trevor, in fact I wear my Geek Girl T-shirt EVERYWHERE... I have to get me another one in a medium because the X-Small has shrunk, alot... Well I will try to do a review, the best I can.

  Heres the very beginning:

 "Think I could turn that boy bad?"
My two best friends - my only two friends, really - Ella and Beth follow my face and laugh. We are sitting on the outskirts of the cafeteria, outcasts physically and socially. We are proud of this. We strive for this.
"Trevor Hoffman?" Beth scoffs. "No way, Jen."
"I bet I can," I say, chewing a painted black nail as I gaze at my intended target.
"No way," they both agree.
I look at Trevor Hoffman and my grin widens. He is such a nerdy, goody-two-shoes. Kinda cute actually, but with his shirt always buttoned to the top, a straight-A student who all of the teachers adore. He's the Junior Class something or other; not the president but one of the other officers. He's a little different than the other geeks in that he's sort of . . . cool-geek, I guess. No glasses, asthma wheezing or too-short pants for him. But he's firmly entrenched with the geek-squad, a nerd to the core himself.
"I bet I could," I say, shrugging. "Might be fun."

To be honest with you, you have to read the book the book before I throw in any accidental spoilers, like I accidently did on an English class today and caused my teacher to yell at me and say did I realize that I had just gave away an answer when I asked her if Moo was an onimonipia, but enough with me ranting once more. All I can say is , it has an original plot and outstanding writing that will appeal to those of the Modern Day Teen Romances

  Geek Girl by Cindy C Bennett is a story where you are able to fall in love for the first time, again, or repeatedly with the author's characters. All of them. Jen the sarcastic goth girl, Trevor- the nerdy geek with what Jen called a hot bod, Jane the sweet girl that came in like an Angel from above, and even if your like me a tad, Brian your all the way Geek... Great beginning and great ending. I am head over heels for Cindy C Bennett writing as always. So go ahead and hurry up and pre-order your Geek Girl copy and if you are an obsessed fan like me order yourself a Geek Girl T Shirt, it will soon become your favorite shirt of all time.

Author Website: (if you only do one link, please use this one)
Publisher GoodReads


  1. Courtney - Thank you so much for doing this. You are so great. I need to hire you to be my PR person! :o)

  2. LOL I had to look up PR than I realised what it meant :) .... Either way Mrs. Cindy great to have ya by as always

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