Thursday, November 17, 2011

Odd Fact Daily

 I was taking a test of the Raven by edgar Allen Poe, earlier this week and I was positive I failed the test so when we get into English class today my teacher says/yells " I am so disappointed in y'all. 75 % of the people who took this test failed so I am doing something I almost never do, I am throwing away these tests." I being compulsive says loudly, " Thank God, I know I failed that test" 
The Mrs. French surprises Courtney by saying "Courtney, you made a hundred, the only one in the grade"  Then it was my turn to frown, I just made a hundred on a test and she was not going to count it?! When I got that look of confusion on my face Mrs French says "I will let you keep the hundred Courtney"

 I was thinking Heck, yes I got an extra 100 on something I thought I had failed.


  1. I realized I hadn't visited in a while. So I thought I'd stop by, see what's up. And look at what a happy post I found.

    Woo Hoo! Sounds like my kind of test. Congrats.

    Quote the Raven, "Nevermore" (ok, that's the only part of that poem I remember!! lol)

  2. That poem creaped me out and we just read a short story called The Tell Tale Heart .. I swear the Lady is trying to give us nightmares...

  3. Lol that's hilarious. Congrats on the extra 100! I loved The TellTale Heart. It's the best when you listen to it in audiobook at night with the guy with the creepy voice like I did :P