Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sorry and Odd Fact Daily

I am so sorry about the last 80 teen thursday post... I am trying to fix it right now. It is deciding to be a butt today so maybe it will work maybe it won't.

     My church youth group more or less frightens me. There are about 8 of us : A.J. , Brett (older cousin), Jordan (pronouced Jerden) , Abby, Faith, Allie, Hannah, Johanna, Brandon,Me.

  We had a movie night at church two nights ago. I get there and Joanna is not in a good mood so I ask her whats wrong ans this is how the coversation went :
  "You know Austin Lee?" - Johanna
"Yeah, I had someone point him out for me a few days ago"- Courtney
"Well we were having a long discussion and he knows that I love him." - Johanna
"Oh , you love some boy and you are in 8th grade?" - Courtney
"Yes ever since 6th grade" - Johanna
 "Oh well good luck with that" - Courtney smiling and walking off

*25 minutes later in the Youth Room *

 "Jordan, move " I tell Jordan who is spread out on the couch in the room.
"No '" - Jordan
"Please or I am going to grab you by your ear and make you move"  I say my hands on my hips
"Do it" - Jordan
"Fine" - I grab Jordan by his ear but he doesnt move
"Move or I am going to sit on you"  - I threaten
  His next remark should have gotten him a slap on his face. 
" Please don't. No offence but you have an overly larged butt for someone of your size and figure"  - Jordan says meaning it and me blushing red

   Okay well I weigh 104.5 and I am 5 feet tall but I do not gain in my stomach but in my butt and I wear size 3 in jeans and I dont have that big of a butt.


  1. That's when you poke Jerden right tin the EYE and tell him it's not a big deal because he couldn't see that good anyway, OBVIOUSLY! Dork.

    I do hope poor Johanna's love life gets better!

    What great dialogues!

  2. So do I....

    I almost asked him why he was looking at my butt and I probaly would have slapped him if only he wasnt 5'11 ... But I think the boy weighs less than me

  3. My gosh! That is outright horrible! I hate him already.