Thursday, September 22, 2011

80 Teen Thursdays Review: Wrong- Way Romance

 Title: Wrong-Way  Romance
Author : Sherri Cobb South
Published: 1991
Rating of Teen Romance 80s scale : 5/5

  Wrong -Way Romance is  the first Sweet Dream Series book I have ever bought, recommended  to me by my Aunt Andrea who read them as a teen and I was out of books to read at the time. (This was before I discovered something called the YA section of the library which consists of 35 books.... The amount of books we have is sad))
    It was funny though... she got it mixed up with Linda Kage's The Stillburrow Crush .Well atleast she got the plot mixed up with so I ended up buying both of them. One I had to wait 3 weeks for it to come in in paperback form because they no longer was in print and I caught it at a GREAT price because Wrong Way Romance by Sherri Cobb South usually costs 50.00 a copy on amazon and I got it for $8??... So this started me out on the YA or teen reading.... Just a quick recap about me and YA fiction

    Wrong-Way Romance review-


  If there's one boy at Maplesville High that Darby Haynes can't stand, it's Bruce Edwards. Darby first met him when his car plowed into hers at a busy intersection. She's been running into him --literally--ever since. It doesn't matter that Bruce is a hunk and that most of the girls at school have crushes on him. To Darby he's nothing but a clumsy, conceited jerk.

Than David Matthews, a guy Darby likes even less, starts asking her out. In desperation, Darby asks Bruce to pretend he's her boyfriend. It's supposed to be a temporary arrangement to get David to lose interest in her. Darby doesn't count on falling for Bruce in the process! She's already convinced David that she and Bruce are in love. Now can she convince Bruce?

 Okay well Darby is well developed. She is sarcastic, funny, and more or less popular. She first met Bruce in an intersection where his bumper met hers and they exchanged some words  like she calling him a  Loud mouthed Neanderthal. Which had me laughing. Also when she spills milk into Davids lap. O well I was cracking up in the middle of Math class.

  The plot is the typical, girl-hates-boy-then-falls-in-love-with-him... But it was so good I cant even explain it . Well for one thing Bruce is 6'4 and a lineman with blue eyes and blonde hair. He is described as extreamly handsome just has no intrest in girls even though every girl 

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  1. Oh, man! Your post cut off in mid review and I was eager to hear about David's non-interest in girls. Sounded really good from what you said though. Now, I'm going to have to go check it out...if I can find in my library or for less than $50 online!!

    Great review.