Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Odd Fact Daily

Todays odd fact is that the top shelf of my booksshelf is scattered with bookmarks from authors and a few bookplates... I love to get bookmarks and bookplates but I don't have anywhere to put them so I just lay them on the top shelf of my desk/bookshelf to help decorate it... So far i have a few book plates and 4 book marks . 2 from Cindy C Bennett,1 from Cheri Schmidts, and one from Amalia Howard... They are all lovely.


  1. I used to collect business cards, but bookmarks and postcards sound so much cooler. Have you heard of romance trading cards. http://romancetradingcards.com/ Now that would be neat to start collecting.

    Thanks for the fact about you. I think everyone should have some kind of collection.

  2. I used to have a giant collection of bookmarks, but I have no idea where they went :( Cool new meme!

  3. Aww I am sorry about the collection missing but I am fixing to have a contest for some signed bookmarks from Angela Morrison, author of Sing Me to Sleep... So if ya wanna enter as soon as I get it up