Saturday, December 8, 2012

Back with vengeance + Giveaway

    I'm back!  I left you people in the dark with a promise that I would be back soon, and the sooner turned into a later.  I know we all have excuses why we drift away from things and ignore them for a while.  You ready for mine?  I have been waist deep in school work, have had a basketball game almost everyday except weekends, weekends I clean the mess my room turned into magically over the week, and I have been sick with every possible cold and cough known to man.

   In other words, I just haven't been the usual bookish Courtney.  But now I am back.  This time with vengeance.  I have bought a planner for the book nook.  Yes, I the most unorganized person god ever graced the earth with, bought a planner.  Last year, I did feature of the week and that just turned into a big, huge mess. I had no idea what week I had what on. So this planner I invested in will keep me organize and let the blog grow more organized and more thought. I even have proof I bought one.

     Now, I hope to have 2013 filled with much of my bookish self.  Oh, and just to let you people know, my reviews are going to get better.  I swear on it.  My grammar used to lacking and let us not even bring up the spelling.  That would just cause me to die from embarrassment.

       On to the paragraph you people have been craving.  It is time for the giveaway.  Oh, and if you would stay tuned, I am going to have new giveaway's put up through out this December and into January, as that is my birthday.  And I have advanced from comments to - *gasp*- Rafflecopter.  This way it will be easier for all of you to enter.  Oh, and this giveaway is international.  You can live in the North Pole, and if you win I will ship it to you.  Just not through snail mail.  I'll just hand it off to Santa.  I had a video done for it, but my dad has the new plan from C-Spire that only allows thirty minutes of video watching a month, and apparently you can't even upload once you go past those minutes on Youtube.  Depressing and a waste of my precious time.
  Up for the giveaway is some random swag
that I have accumulated over the year of my blogging and I am in a giving mood this December.  A few pieces are signed and all are in great condition.  I wish you all the best of luck! 
With Bookish Love,
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Dang, you've been busy, ya? I hope that your Christmas plans-if you do that stuff- are coming all just swell!

  2. Thank you forn the international giveaway! Hope you have wonderful holidays :)

  3. Lots of love for the holidays!:)

  4. Welcome back!! Thank you for the giveaway!

  5. Happy Holidays and thank you for the great giveaway!!