Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Interview with Tess Oliver

   Here's my Interview with Tess Oliver.... The giveaway will be later and it may be an ebook instead so don't be mad at me. Here it goes.

1) You have 3 books published right now if I am not mistaken; Safe Landing,  Camille, Bitterroot Crossing. Which was your favorite to write? 

 I actually just released a new book titled Blood Tide. It is a YA paranormal romance set in 1880. My favorite? Hmm, I guess it would be Camille because it is set in 19th century England, my favorite book setting.

  2)  Your books tend to have Paranormal Romance. Is that what you usually read or is it just your given writing genre?

 I love everything romance. My newest project is realistic fiction but there is always a romance. Paranormal is great to write because you can go in so many directions.

3) Have you ever thought of writing a sequel to any of your books? 

The sequel to Camille is nearly finished but my agent has it right now.

4) How long does it usually take you to write a book?

 It depends on my time. I teach full time during the school year so it takes longer but in summer I can usually write all day and finish a book in three months.

5) All of your covers are gorgeous. Do you get them specially made?

 My covers are designed and made by the most wonderful cover artist I know, my daughter, Nikki. She’s brilliant, beautiful and has a great eye for detail. That was my mom brag moment.

6) You have wrote both Historical Fiction and Modern. Which is your favorite to write in?

 You’re the first blog to ask this- great question. I love, love, love historical, but it is much harder to write. I’m constantly stopping to look at my research to make sure I haven’t messed up on something. I do love to write modern although some readers don’t appreciate the stronger language I use in the modern. But I think it’s impossible to write a great alpha-male hero who uses words like darn and gosh.

7)  What age did you start writing?

 I think I got really serious into writing in my late twenties.

8) What is your tip to the young and old alike writers of the world? (This is so I can add to my archive )

Write what you love. I could never write a detective murder mystery because I don’t love them. Romance has always been my genre and I have a blast creating the characters. If it is truly a passion then stick with it
9) Are you working on a story right now?

 Besides the sequel to Camille, I’m finishing a realistic fiction YA book called A Little Less Girl.

10) Can you tell us a little about yourself?

 I’m a mom, a wife, a pet lover and a teacher. I love horses but don’t have any at the moment. Although I am bottle feeding two baby goats at the moment and they are adorable and fun. I have four dogs that follow my every step. We live in beautiful California so we’re an outdoor family.

 11) Who is your favorite author?

 I have a lot I love but Jane Austen always rises to the top of my list.

  12) Have you ever tried to get your stories published through a publisher like Scholastic, Harperteen, Ceder Fort, Ect..?

 I have an agent who is attempting it right now. We’ll see. I do like the freedom of self-publishing though.

 13) (Last one)  If you had to pick a favorite character from your books. Which one would it be?

I’m sure most people would think that I’d pick Camille or Nathaniel for that matter, but I love Zedekiah Crush in Bitterroot Crossing. He’s the ultimate bad boy with a broken heart. My favorite female is Trixie Starfire Muldoon from my newest book, Blood Tide. She’s beautiful, smart and she has a pet pelican.

Maya and Camille 
  Thank you so much Tess for stopping bby and letting me interview you. I really Appreciate it and I loved all your books  .. Now everyone the giveaway is not going to begin til the 31st officially but you can drop an entry on this interview and it will still count. 

Read more  about Tess at her website . 


  1. Nice interview, Tess Oliver sounds like a great author!

  2. Oh she is.... You need to try her writing.... IT IS GREAT

  3. New follower - great interview! I plan to read everything labelled Tess Oliver. So far I've read Camille, Bitterroot Crossing and Blood Tide, so onto Safe Landing then A Little Less Girl! :D

    ComaCalm's Corner

  4. Oh I havent read BitterRoot crossing.. Was it good?

    (Ps I cant wait for the Sequel for Camille )

  5. Her daughter makes the covers?!? I can't believe it! They're all so beautiful! I've been hearing so much about this author, I have to check her out sometime! I was so surprised to learn she wasn't from a large publishing company because I hear her name in the YA section all the time :)


  6. Anaauve They are lovely ... you really need to check her out