Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

  Title:Breaking Beautiful
  Author: Jennifer Shaw Wolf
 Published: April 24, 2012
 Publisher: Walker Childrens
 Source: Loan from Aunt 


My only question when I finished the book was to the Goodreads community- why the heck would you rate this book any less than 5 stars? It is unaccountably amazing. Riveting read. And I was stunned to see that Jennifer was a *gasp* debut. Authors who have wrote 40 books aren't near as a gifted writer as Jennifer. She had me drawn in since page one.

I read the first page and I was bawling. By middle way, I had to go get my comfort food- ice cream- out of the freezer. By the end I was crying to my dad about how I planned on building a shrine around the book- I am completely serious about this part. Jennifer, if you ever read this review. You are my newly found idol.

Breaking Beautiful- I am in love. I need to stop ranting about this book but it is THAT good.

I have to say there was several guys I love with every fiber of my being in this book. Okay I only have 2 but I honestly loved them with EVERY fiber of my being. Andrew, oh my Andrew, I never once saw this boy as disabled. I thought of him amazing- and a hero at the end of the book. How he tried to stop Trip and how Trip always called him spaz, I wanted to kill Trip. I'm crying now thinking about it. But Andrew you are so amazing- I am just jealous Caitlyn gets you. She is so lucky.
Then Blake- oh the one love of my life- Blake. I am burning with passion about how Jennifer wrote you. I have chill bumps from writing this but I don't care. I am in love. He loved her always no matter what. He was made fun of and called Juvy. He never turned on her no matter what Trip did to her to make it seem like she hated him. Oh and then risking - oh and I can't say it because of spoilers. Darn it. But lets say Jennifer Wolf is freakin' amazing. I never have read so non-fake writing or characters in my life.

Now Trip. I am not even going there with Trip. I hate him. I hate him with all of my life and every other part.

There were a few characters I found aweful but I just took a disliking to the Detective,James,Hannah and Mr. Phillips. It was a first off thing. I am going to stop ranting and go ahead and tell the world. I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You have definitely gotten me intrigued about this book! Thanks!

  2. The fact that you are amazed that anyone gave this book less than 5 stars has me intigued! I love the cover and the story sounds amazing. I look forward to reading this one.