Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kidnapping Authors: Meet the Kidnappees. :P


As you all know I have been storing several males in my bookish basement, but lately I have been adding on a room so I may kidnap a few authors along with them.   I could just have conversations,tea, and actually get to read a sequel to a book or two.  So, here are the ones I plan on housing in my little corner in the basement. :)  So if you are listed here just think of it this way.  I am a tad obsessed with your characters. * Everything listed below about stalking and kidnapping is completely fiction.  Really, I don't plan on watching your everymore..................... or do I.............. ;)

1) Cindy C Bennett- http://cindybennett.blogspot.com/
-    Okay, okay she has been on my to-kidnap list for some time.  I mean she is one of the sweetest authors alive- no joke and she writes fantastic YA contemporary so I mean this is an author I would kidnap just to meet in person.  I think I want to take Henry and Trevor with her.  Okay, I think I will be kidnapping this writer just for my personal enjoyment of her company.
On a personal note to the author:Maybe one day we could meet one of Jen and Trevor's kids?  Please!?!   I will be watching your every move until then.

2) Linda Kage- lindakage.com-

Oh, Linda. :P
    -  Yes, I love this author for her writing, personality, and all together person.  In other words, she is freakin' amazing.  I believe I might just take her daughter with her.  I mean the kid helps out with dishes and I bet Maya could help with the potty training. :P   I already received Ryder in the mail a few weeks back, but maybe I can convince her to bring Luke when I travel to the midwest to bring her back to my basement.  And we can just talk, talk and talk about funny stories, crayons, and my future husband and current locked in my basement, Travis Mad Dog Maddox.
On a personal note to the author:
    Seriously,  you have to have a book signing in the south one day.  Other wise, I will be crying on the floor for the rest of my life. Or will I be peeking through your kitchen window until then......  You may never know.......................

3) Abbi Glines- http://www.abbiglines.com/-
 -  I loved Breathe, I idolized Because of Low, and now I am willing to sacrifice myself to read While it Lasts.  I mean seriously, Abbi why do you tempt me?  I would honestly kidnap this author just to get my hands on a copy of the book- now.  Honestly,  I would fake drink coffee and sit all day begging for a copy of the book. She even sent me Cage, Marcus, and Jax.  They are already there in my basement socializing with Travis Maddox and Ryder Yates.  Now if I could just personally meet the author who gave birth to these awesome guys I would die.
   On a personal note to the author:  May I just marry each of your books and have polygamist family to each?  As you know from before, I have kinda been watching your every move since I finished Because of Low. So, you ever in Mississippi let me know- oh wait I will already know that but you might just have to tell me to make sure I am there following you to a near by Barnes and Noble and begging you to sign the book. 

4) Jamie McGuire- http://www.jamiemcguire.com/-
     I have been obsessing over Travis and Jaime since the day I read about my bookish love, Travis.  My favorite book of all time and the Jamie and I would get along with the chocolate covered cherries.  I believe we would talk about chocolate and how much I want inside of Travis's head right now that I am willing to give my signed copy of Vampire Academy away and my left arm and leg.  I have kidnapped Travis but he won't quite tell me of his personal view about his love story between Abby and himself.
Personal note to the author:  If you ever feel the urge of coming down south with the kids I will be waiting with my books and the cult I have built up that is in love with Travis also and beg you to sign all of our books , oh amazing YA author. 

And that is all for now on the authors I plan on kidnapping and stalking.  Look for new ones next week. :P 

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  1. You're too funny!! I love you list, and I'd love to be trapped in a basement with those amazing authors.