Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review of Carving Angels by Diane Tolley

 Oh how do I put this.... Beautiful.. Georgous... A Christmas Novel for all ages and for anytime of the year.

Diane you always know how to get me caught in your stories. This one is not an exception. You already know you are one of my favorite authors, along with Cindy C Bennett, Tess Oliver, Brian Malloy.. Is it not funny all of my favorite authors I have interviewed.

  This quick short story will have your family smiling especially during Christmas and a big thing of Hot Chocolate and a warm cozy fire. You know how to write, Diane You really do. One of my favorite Christmas Stories and the Babysitter and now Melissa are one of my all time favorites. Don't you know Diane that you made me break a school rule ?
  I had this on my Nook and they are not allowed at my school so I snuck it in in my back pack and read it on the bus. I must say I have never stooped that low for anyone. Then got picked on for reading too much.


  1. You're such a dear, Courtney! You keep me writing . . . all by yourself! Thank you so much!

  2. Oh Diane you made my day,week , and I know Month. :) I love to read your writing, its addicting. Thank you so much for letting me review Carving Angels. One thing I wish is that I could call someone a dear and mean it as a compliment and the people don't stare at me like I am a crazed idiot. Well the people I call that are usually teenagers but anyway.... :)