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Review for Camille by Tess Oliver

  Okay well my review for camille may be a little long so bare with me.... Lets start with basics.

#1  THE COVER : 
               If I had to pick a favorite cover I think this would be one I would debate with over this one and Nightshade  by Andrea Cremer.. And with a closer inspection then before I noticed the model posing as Camille has flowers in her hands just like Nightshade.  The picture of the Camille girl was good and it had to do with the plot including the flowers. If only it would have included something with Nathaniel. I think it would have been my favorite book cover although the problem with putting pictures of people in the front of a book is it leaves you thinking that is nothing like i pictured them in my mind.... Trust me I know what that is like.
    I know people say dont judge a book by its cover but most of us do most of the time or atleast I do. A book called Lily's Ghosts sat on my shelf for 3 years and I never picked it up because I thought the cover was just plain weird. Then I picked it up one day because it is one of those rare weeks wear I didn't buy a new book and I only have 3 or 4 books I hadn't read, so I picked it up and read. Boy did I get a shocker from reading it. One of my favorite middle-grade fictions.
   Got a little sidetracked there for a moment so back to Camille. On Nooks for the cover I give it 5/5.  Her Daughter Nikki did a fantastic job. Iam happy and sad to say it was the cover that drew me in, in the first place. It looked nice so I grabbed it and bought it on my Nook.

    Tess has a way with words that had me captivated the whole time. All the way from the beginning.  I love Nathaniels and Camille's personaily with the witty , funny and sarcastic moments.  Here are my favorite quotes in the story. :
"This may well come as a puncture to your bloated head but I we were not following you at all" - Camille (Tess Oliver) 

" 'Whats your name,Lass?' 
'My name is Camille'
'Camille, I don't believe I have kissed a Camille." 
   I stared down at the ground to conceal the color heating my face.
"Some how I find that hard to believe " 
              - Tess Oliver

"Not much keeps Nathaniel Strider off his feet," he said confidently. I smiled up at him,"With the exception of every girl in Buck's Row" 
                                    -Tess Oliver

  And he made love with every girl we passed with his smile and brown eyes.
                                       - Tess Oliver

"Mine you I have no intentions of entering otherwise. A visit to the morgue would be more inriting." 
          - Camille (Tess Oliver) 

"Bloody hell," I cursed and throw the rest of it to the ground, scoop and all,"This is entirely the Queen's fault" 
    Dr. Bennet lifted a brow," Cami, we can hardly blame her majesty for your clumsiness." -Tess Oliver

"A kiss from Nathaniel Strider? I hardly think something givenaway that freely is anything worth wanting." 
    - Camille (Tess Oliver) 

"Tis' the wanting that makes a kiss worth while" -Nathaniel Strider (Tess Oliver) 

"You may be the first person in England to injure them self with a microscope" 
                                    - Camille( Tess Oliver )

"Do I still 'ave an eye?" 
 I laugh,"Still there" 
He straightened with a sigh ,"Too bad. I hear girls take a liking to a man with an eye patch." 
"Yes when the eye was lost in some wildly romantic fashion like a sword fight or pistol duel. Not from smacking it on the eyepiece of a microscope." 

"When I was seven, my Mum sent me to a school run by Nuns . Sister Collins was as wide as she was tall. She was so sour, I was convinced she drank acid from a rusty, iron cup at tea time" 
"Your point?" I asked
"I'd rather be here with 'er , right now" 

"Hell won't be all that bad ,you know. After all,  I am going to be there" 
                     -Nathaniel Strider

 I even made an image with quotes from Camille.... feel free to copy it and add it to your website or blog.

#3 PLOT : 
   Okay the plot is original.. Its nice to have a book that portrays werewolves as horrible beasts instead of the good guys.... No vampires in this one so that is great also. Sometimes you get tired of reading both of them together. I really did enjoy the plot. I can't wait to see what Tess has for us in the sequel.
#4 Characters : 

   Tess really did develop her characters really well. Here is what  I got : 

Camille : The girl who has an intrest in science and does't give a snicker doodle what other people think..... other than Nathaniel Strider. She has a sense of humor along with sarcasm. 

Nathaniel Strider: The all aroung rouge. He is the boy who flirts with a girl and forgets her the next day.. He never really fell in love other than Camille... 

#5 All together 

 A great read.... I recommend it to anyone interested in a different werewolf book with Historical Fiction mixed along with it.I recommend it for those who just need something to read. I doubt you will regret it, while many gave it 4 stars I give it the sacred 5 Nooks. :) 

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