Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Right To Freedom: Preface

 I see life on Earth as punishment or redemption from heaven and hell. Hell is all bad while heaven is all good. Earth is in the middle of the two. You can choose how to live it until you are placed into Gods forgiving hands or into the devils torturing tools. If you have ever heard the saying," Only the good die young." I think it is true. Those who die young are  redeemed early and are forgiven by god.  That is why babies come out of there mothers womb crying begging God to forgive them for doing wrong or crying for delight for another chance to be redeemed to the Golden Kingdom.  As we get older these memories fade away and we believe we are humans. While we are fallen angels either being redeemed or punished.
     That is how I see life on Earth as.  While I am a princess. I am treated like garbage. For I do not look like royalty. While my mother and all my sisters are exceptionally beautiful and graceful. I am quiet ugly and rather clumsy all the time. Nothing like royalty. I refuse to wear the rich golds and purples in dresses but dress in pure black as a sign of rebellion. Most believe I am not even the King's daughter for I look nothing like my  parents  in any manner yet none would like to suffer under Franded  II of Botlan by calling his daughter odd. What even makes it worst is that I have a twin that is extraordinary beautiful and she is bright and follows all the rules a woman should. The opposite of myself.
      My raven black hair is  rather wavy unlike my sisters blonde self. All of the commoners adore Aredelia while most would try to assassinate me if they had the chance for it makes their kingdom look bad when one of its royals wears nothing but dark coal black. While Aredelia is tall and slim. I am rather short and about 109 jaks (lbs) My black eyes do not look to extraordinarily for they do not have any flakes of gold in them what so ever. All of my sisters look like Karja who in response looks like my mother not including the hair which she inherited from Father , The King . My mother, the queens hair is a auburn color which is the envy of the kingdom.Where my hair color came from i have not an idea. . It is better to to thin than have curves in this kingdom. All my sisters are slim and trim while myself is short with curves. What luck for myself the social outcast of the Kingdom. I am rather surprise my parents have not disowned me yet.
  While my twin is the prettiest of us all with Mother's Auburn hair and emerald green eyes. Beautiful,slim,tall, and graceful. Everything I am not

   What sets me off most is that my parents expect me to just get married off to some foreign prince  just for some land. I am not a piece of property for them to sell or trade. While all of my other sister are fine with being married off by my parents choice of a husband and just do what the my husband wants and not have a mind of my own. I have different theories on most things. Just like how God punishes us or gives another chance on Earth and how we behave determines if we got to Heaven or Hell. No man would care about my  opinion if I got married off i would lose the privilege of independence. My thoughts the only things I really care about.

   Then came the day father announced that we all 5 of us are to be married to the Princes from Metban.I will not marry and certainly not to any Prince. Let alone one from are long since enemies.

 I Would love criticism... Actually I am begging for it. I need help with the criticism.

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