Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fateful review....

  This book was actually won from the Authors blog. I really did not think I would win but the odds were in my favor.  When I won this I was skeptical thinking I better not put my hopes up because It wont be that good.  Boy was I wrong .
      Danielle Darcy from America is staying with her Cousin and her family. She is looking for her Mr. Darcy while in the old city of London. While in London she takes a wrong turn which lands her in a tight situation with a  boy in an alley. While she has taken self defense most of her life the boy sees immune to it. She tries to run but instead finds herself running into another man in the ally- Ethan Deveroux . He is charming, a proper gentleman, and also a vampire. An age old curse holds Ethan prisoner to eternal life. While during the day he has a heart that beats while at night he becomes the ultimate predator. Everything about him is attractive from his smell to his gaze- especially to Danielle .

  This story will take you from its first chapter through romance, adventure,and vampires.  A favorite that some say surpasses the Twilight Saga.  I even agree with the people who believe this for it is a great read.  If you enjoyed the Twilight Series then  you will want to read Fateful. You will not regret the money you payed for it. And it will make your heart desire Fractured which is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. You can also purchase it at  Smashwords

 5 Star Rating 

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