Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Right To Freedom: Chapter 1 I WILL NOT

"You are to be married in 5 days, My daughters"
   All my sisters nod their heads in unison while i give him a look that says i think he is a Crazed idiot. Which i do think he is if he thinks any man will marry me. My sisters yes for they are all beautiful unlike me with my wavy black hair and them with their blonde hair other than Aredelia my twin who has my mothers auburn hair that comes to hair waist is falling in beautiful curls. She has about a million admires while i have about a million people who would love to assassinate me.
  " What do you mean Father? Surely you do not expect me to marry any man right now in the prime of my youth. I will not do it."
  I say for I do not want to be like all the other girls in the kingdom who are stuck inside their home with plump babies and never getting freedom that life is not for me. I am my own person and will not be owned by a husband nor any one else.
  My Father just sighs as if he was expecting it. While running his hand though his recently grayed head he says, " Hetaria as much as I wanted to argue with the boys' father he says I must wed all 5 of my girls to all 5 of his boys no matter how different the girls are. I honestly did argue but it did no good.  If you threaten to run away or kill your self you will have a guard by you all day and you will be confined to your room til the day you wed."
  I give him a mean glare and then Aredelia speaks," Father, who are we to wed?"
  That is a good question. Of all my egotistical sisters Aredelia is the less. She sometime joins into the torture of words or less times than yes she would take up for me and my other sisters would slowly back down for no one wanted to get on Fathers bad side with hurting his favorite daughter or even not be on her side would lead to chaos.
  " King Henry III of Guatasa has declared a truce and for each of his sons to marry each of my daughters which was perfect for I have five daughters and he 5 sons so the land would be joined through blood. Yet we have not decided how to marry you all yet. I was thinking closest to age which would work yet with you and Hetaria the same age that would be rather hard and we can not let you all nor them pick your own spouse for that would lead to fights and arguments and Lord knows we do not need that so I have no idea and I do not think Henry does either."
  Well that stinks im engaged to be married to either 5 of King Henry's sons. I do not and will not marry any of the princes for it is against my principles and what boy let alone a Prince would wan to marry a goth princess who is ugly and short compared to her perky tall and beautiful sisters. No one I could think about.
  then my oldest sister Karja asked," Father are any of King Henry's sons young as in still a child."
  I honestly hope Karja would end up with a little 9 year old... It would do her right for she is the worst when it comes to the torture of words. She is my least favorite sister of all of them and she is 21 and still depends on my father to feed and cloth her and still has a lady in waiting which even my mother has one still... I can not believe her... She gets everything that Karja wants she is what you call a spoiled Princess and I believe it to be so..  I still am not marrying anyone let alone a prince. A prince only gets a wife to show her off to his court and kingdom and to give birth to his sons to take his place when he dies some day. I am not to be owned and to have the little piece of freedom that is mine taken away by some egoistical prince. It is My Right to Freedom. I will run away if necessary.

" Daughters, you are to be fitted for you wedding gowns tomorrow and you shall meets your fiances in2 days hence so try to look the best darlings." " His stare glares at me as he spoke to us for i know he is only staring me for I am the only one who does not have a Lady In Waiting helping with every move I make so most days I do not have the beautiful hair of my sisters nor do I have cosmetics one for they make a person look fake and odd but that is my opinion.

 Now I need to come up with a plan with an escape route and find somewhere to go that Father will not find me at- or not


  " Hello, Mrs. Mary Ella.What are we cooking today." I ask the head chef as I grab a plain white apron just like all the other waiters and cooks.

 " Ahh, I did not think that you would be in here today, Hetta. Oh and im sorry about the arranged marriage but don't blow it out of proportion otherwise your Father will keep to his threat and we would hate to not have you in the Kitchen."
  I am more or less in shock  how did she know about the marriage it was only Father, My idiot sisters, and me in that dang throne room other than a few of the guards that follow Father everywhere he even steps- even in the bathroom. I need my privacy from all this palace protical which is something I am not good at.
  {"How did you know this Mrs. Mary Ella?" She never even looks up from her potatoes that she is dicing into small chucks and with a wry grin on her face.
  " Oh,child, I have so many secret spies around this castle I could tell you what kind of soap you used yesterday when you took a bath."
  " So what shall I do? I do not want to marry yet I do not want to be on the run for the rest of my life. This has issues either way I choose and I wish for once Father would actually let me have a choice and I have a feeling if I miss behave It will be the whipping post for me but I have yet an idea on what to do?

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