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Author Interview with Allie Brennan author of Tight Knit

Hey, Y'all I'm back with a very special guest, Allie Brennan Debut author of Tight Knit.   Which is a friggin' awesome book.  Refer to the bottom of the post for where to buy Tight Knit and how to contact Allie.  PS, Be on the look out for a review of Tight Knit before Sunday.  Because, I gave the book 5 stars!  Oh, and just to let you people know Allie is now part of my Stalkee program! :P  Here is the interview I was so excited to have with Allie:

1)  Hello Allie, welcome to Courtney's Book Nook.  What can you tell us about the experience you have had so far with your debut release, Tight Knit?
Hi Courtney! Hi Courtney's readers! *waves* First of all, I just want to say thanks for having me on your blog!

The response I'm getting to Tight Knit is far beyond what I imagined and I'm so grateful for everyone who picks it up and gives it a try! This is my debut novel so I'm mostly using this as an opportunity to learn and grow as an author. I'm paying close attention to every aspect and taking notes. It's just so much fun to watch it all unfold!

Tight Knit actually started off as a challenge to write and publish a book in 4 months. I didn't think it would happen. I told myself that if it wasn't good enough to publish by January, I would shelve it until next year. But I worked my butt off and had AMAZING feedback from other authors and Beta readers who are the best people in the world!

It was definitely challenging and I don't think I'd recommend it to other writers!! I'm giving myself some extra time for the next book! :D

2) Do you actually know how to knit?  Have a replica hat like Talia's?
I do know how to knit... kind of. I learned a few years ago but I don't practice enough to be any good. One of my Beta readers is an EXCELLENT knitter and she actually knit a hat inspired by the hat Talia gives Lachlan when they first meet. It's beautiful, you can see it on my blog here

3) So your from Canada, and in your story you write about Lachlan having a Louisiana accent. Why not a Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, etc. accent?
I consciously kept this book very geographically neutral. You'll notice I never mention the name or location of the city. All we know is it's somewhere where it snows. That could be Canada OR the US. I also keep all the legal stuff Lachlan goes through very vague, as well. That way nothing would seem off to either Canadian or American readers. BUT... in the first two drafts I kept rambling on and on about Lachlan having these 'Southern Gentlemen' moments so in my final edits I figured why not have him from the South. One of my Betas is from Louisiana. That's why I picked there.
4) So Allie, is there anyone in this story that is inspired by someone you actually know?
This book was inspired by my Grandmother (Nana). She lived with my family from when I was 15 until I graduated high school. There are pieces of her in a lot of the characters in the book. She suffered with anxiety like Talia, she was so kind an loving and selfless like Nan, she was meddling and funny like Gram, she was blunt and honest like Marybeth. There's nothing of her in Lachlan, though. Lachlan is all mine ;)

5) Lachlan.... What an odd name, and now, I consider it a very sexy name. Where did you come up with the idea from?
I scour baby name websites ALL.THE.TIME. Usually my characters begin with a name. It's actually backwards to the way a lot of writers work. I always come up with names first... but to be honest I don't actually remember the moment I decided his name was Lachlan. I seem to like strange names... Talia, Lachlan, Graceland, Bentley, Asher, Isla, Kellan... I don't do it on purpose, they just end up that way! :)
6) So what can you tell us about your upcoming releases?
I have two releases coming up for this Spring/Summer.

One is an New Adult about a girl with an amazing voice, Isla, who loses her boyfriend, Jared, in a car accident in her last year of college. She's given a journal at the one year memorial by his cousin/best friend, Kellan, who's been in love with Isla since before she dated Jared. In the journal is a road trip Jared planned that would take them across North America in hopes of getting Isla signed to a major music label. Isla hasn't sang since Jared died but her and Kellan decide to take the trip anyway, in honor of Jared. Along the way Isla and Kellan find out that they need each other to heal... and despite their differences they might just need each other, period.

The other is a Young Adult of a similar mature nature to Tight Knit. It's called Under the Dusty Sky and it's about a 16 year old girl, Graceland, who doesn't believe in love because of her mother, who walked out before she could remember her. What Graceland does believe in are memories and she's been collecting the perfect ones her whole life. The perfect first crush, the perfect first kiss, the perfect dance performance, the perfect summer with her best friend. The next on her list is the perfect first time. She's the only virgin left of her friends but she won't settle for anything less than a picture perfect experience. To give her this experience, she zeros in on Bentley, the 18 year old farm hand her father hired to help out until Harvest... he just doesn't know it yet. The problem is that Gracie starts to care, she starts to see Bentley as a real guy, with a background, and feelings, and goals of his own. The more Bentley distances himself from her, the closer she wants to get. This is the first book in a four book series about Gracland and her three brothers, Archer, Asher and Hunter.

Here is a small exclusive first draft excerpt for you and only you Courtney!! and your readers of course!

I catch a ride with Lacy. Bentley goes with my brothers.
We left Dad a note even though we'll be home before he gets it anyway. He’s usually in the field until after dinner.
“So what’s your deal with this Bentley guy?” Lacy asks, and I don’t look at her. I watch the flat dry land whiz by her tiny car window.
“Gracie, don’t avoid it. I know you’re up to something. I know you too well.”
I wink at her. I’m not ready to talk about it yet. She probably isn't either.
“He’s hot. Not much to figure out there.”
“Just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.” She glances at me and I roll my eyes as we pull into town just behind Archer’s old rusty truck.
Just because she got hurt. Just because she lost it to some drunk loser on my brothers' football team doesn't mean it will be the same for me. I sat with her for days. I was soaked from head to toe in her tears before she stopped crying. It was a lucky coincidence that my brother, Asher, broke the guys arm not even a week later in practice. He said it was an accident, but I only half believed it. It made Lacy feel a little better that she wasn't the only one in pain.
We're silent until we get to Lacy's house and pull her tiny car into the driveway.
What happened to her will never happen to me. I won't let it.
I lean over the seat and kiss her cheek dramatically.
“I don’t get hurt, Lacy Bear. But I can’t make any promises for Bentley.”
I hop out of the car and pull my tank over my head. I wore my black bikini and my cut offs. Yes, on purpose.
Just as I'm passing Archer's truck, Bentley jumps out of the box and lands right in front of me making me jump.
“Good day for a swim.” He’s holding my gaze with his ice blue eyes. I nod, suddenly unable to speak. This doesn’t happen to me.
Bentley runs his hand through his hair causing his muscle to ripple down his arm and across his bare chest. His eyes don’t leave my face until he turns and follows Archer into Lacy’s backyard. I breath out heavily.
My heart is hammering behind my tiny black bikini. I’m supposed to be knocking him off his axis, not the other way around.
This isn't the plan.
He didn’t even check me out.
He didn’t even notice.

7)  I know my personal favorite male candy in YA/NA is Travis Maddox.  Care to enlighten us about your own favorite male, yummy candy?
*looks down nervously* I, um, haven't read Beautiful Disaster yet... I know, I know!!! I'm like the last person on the planet!  

But in my own defense my IN REAL LIFE yummy man candy is named Travis and it's kind of weird reading a book with his name in it!

Anyways! To answer your question... I have a MASSIVE crush on Griffin King from Kady Cross' The Girl in the Steel Corset. I like awkward, nerdy guys... even though I like to write dark mysterious bad boys... Big fan of Four from Divergent too! I don't tend to crush on fictional boys from contemporary novels... I like my fake boyfriends to have special powers ;)

8) Is this a complete stand alone novel or will there ever be little add on books that contain stories with Talia's little sibling or her best friend?
I am *hoping* to release a companion novel next Christmas called DECKED and it will follow Janna in the aftermath of Deacon and how she learns to trust again.
9)  I read on your profile on Goodreads that you were into stock photography.  Did you make the cover for Tight Knit?  If so, I friggin' love it.
Thank you! Yes, I design all my own covers. I have a degree in Graphic Design and it's what I do for my "Day Job"! I also have a book cover designing front called B Design. You've probably seen a few of my covers popping up in the Indie world!

10) Did you try to get Tight Knit traditionally published or did you just head straight for Indie Publishing?
No, I did not submit TK to any traditional publishers, or agents. I've always wanted to go Indie but I understand it's not for everyone. I live for challenge, as well as, I'm a control freak and ridiculously impatient. I am hoping to get some things published traditionally in the future but for now this is totally where I belong!

  Find/ Contact Allie at:
Twitter: @alliebbooks 
Facebook: Allie B Books 
 Goodreads: Allie B


  1. Thanks again for having me!!!! This was super fun!

  2. Hi Allie! Nice to meet you. Congrats on your first book!!! I SOOOOO love the cover. I think it's kind of cool not to mention the specific area where a story takes place because that can make it more universal, like it's MY town where everything happens. So I can get that!

    Congrats again!

  3. Thanks, Linda! Inclusivity was the goal! :D