Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Author Interview: Jay Crownover Author of Rule

   Talia and I are so super excited to bring to you an author interview we had with Jay Crownover, debut author of Rule. Which has almost 5,000 reviews on Goodreads in less than a month! Which Talia was telling me "The best thing God ever did this century was bless Jay Crownover with a writers head."  So after some begging, I finally let her in on some asking questions along with me.  So we are both super excited to introduce for her first author interview EVER, Jay Crownover! *trumpets playing*  Okay, maybe not the first on the web, since I am a procrastinator, but we were the first to interview her. :

 1) Question from Court: Thanks for being on the blog, Jay. You have no idea how excited we are to have you here. Seriously, no idea at all how long I jumped around my room like a rabbit on crack that Jay Crownover agreed to do an author interview with me. So, where did the idea for Rule-both boy and book- come from?

First of all I don’t even want to know what a rabbit on crack looks like, that just sounds scary, second I have no problem answering questions since there are a million of my own I want to ask authors that have written all my favorite books. I totally get it.
The inspiration for the book came from the worst year ever; I mean seriously 2012 can go down in history as the year that tried to make me go insane every chance it got. I started writing to distract myself and deal with a lot of really heavy crap that kept coming my way and the end result, no matter how messy or imperfect was Rule. Rule the boy is a mix and match of my ex-husband who was dark and tattooed only he had green eyes and my very first boyfriend I ever had when I was in my late teens. He had all the drama and the emotional unavailability. The rest is just what normal guys in their early twenties are like when they have money and are trying to figure life out. I wanted him to be a guy that was a big personality but someone most people would walk by on the street and just be like, huh.

2)Question from Talia: Rule is getting compared to Jaime McGuire's Beautiful Disaster- which is the holy grail of YA/NA. What are your thoughts on the very good comparison?

I think the comparison is crazy. Jamie McGuire sold like a hundred zillion books and the way people love Travis Maddox is quite honestly, terrifying. I take it as a compliment but to me Beautiful Disaster is on a different level, like something mythical. I think the comparison comes from having tattooed leads that are complicated and love stories that aren’t really all hearts and flowers but to me Rule and Shaw are based more in reality than Travis and Abby. I just can’t see my characters being tied into the mob or competing in underground fights, mostly because I know nothing about either of those things and like to write what I know. Beyond that I don’t really get it, but like I said it’s nice because I think she is an AMAZING author, one who actually edits 

3)Question from Court:   So, Jay, you work at a bar. Not a typical writer's job, but I bet it leads to some interesting stories. (Plus being a friggin' awesome career) Care to enlighten us with your favorite story you have about bar tending?

I dunno if I have a favorite story about being behind a bar. It’s a job like any other job but I get to wrangle drunks and stay out late on purpose so there ya go. It’s a good fit for me because I’m quirky and have a big mouth, plus I’m not a morning person at ALL. I get to watch football and meet all kinds of interesting folks plus I get to watch the way men and women interact on a bunch of different levels which I think helps me write about relationships in a unique way. I totally love it and I’m good at it so I’ve got no compl

4) What song do you think describes Rule?

Favorite real man candy is Pink’s husband, Cary Hart…total babe, Fictional man candy Jax Teller and Opie from Sons of Anarchy…I’m an Opie girl just saying, oh and as of late I’m a huge Tom Hardy fangirl. He’s prettier than I normally go for but there is just something about him.

5)Question from Talia: Well when I send these questions out, it happened to be Man Candy Monday. Who is your favorite fictional and real man candies?

If you read Rule you can tell I’m a big music girl so I don’t know that Rule the boy has one song. I guess if I had to narrow one down it would be ‘Beat the Devils Tattoo” by Black Rebel Motor Cycle club just because it’s gritty and dark and all about what happens when you don’t return the love you’re given.

6) Question from Courtney: Did you think that Rule would be getting such an amazing fan base or did you just get blown out of the water with the results rule has gotten so far?

NO!! No I had no idea that so many people would read it and like, and the flip side read it and be mad at me about the editing. Yes it’s getting updated THIS WEEK, but no I had no clue the response would be so big. Had I know I would have had it professionally edited before releasing it, like I said I published it as a challenge to myself. I should have been more careful and now that’s my cross to bear, but the response has been awesome for the most part. I try and respond to both the good and the bad, but honestly it all took me by surprise so I’m just feeling my way as I go.

7)Question from Talia:  So, have you happened to have any dreams about the characters from your book yet?

Right now I’m pretty focused on Jet and Ayden. I’m LOVING him…like a lot. He’s very different from Rule, just as hot and bothered but in a different way and I think Ayden is going to be the difficult one in the relationship. I have plans for Rome and plans for Cora, Rowdy and Nash I’m still thinking about but I’m pretty sure they all have a story to tell and should I be able to I’m going to tell them all.

Thanks for wanting to chat Courtney and Talia that was fun, hope I answered what I could.
Lots of Love from Colorado,

We'd love to thank Jay for wasting part of her life answering our questions because we both <3 author="" interviews="" nbsp="" p="">
If you have any other questions you want to ask Jay, just leave them below and later on this year I will do a random question, random author interview.

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  1. Awesome author interview, but I pipped you to the post with the first EVER author interview. Jay is lovely isn't she! I had a great time interviewing her!



  2. I'm kind of leery of these cracked up rabbits too! What kind of animals are you growing over there in Mississippi, Courtney?!

    What a fun interview. Beautiful Disaster really has grown to mythic proportions! I'm a big fan of Travis! He's just so...Travis. *sigh* But I have a feeling I'm going to love Rule too. I'm very eager to read this book.

    And yeah, I've noticed a lot of people flip out about misspelled words. I always want to whine, "but what about the other 49,999 words I spelled right? don't I get a good-job sticker for those?"

    Oh, well. I guess that's just too much to hope for. Nice to meet you, Jay!

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    Thanks for discussing, you two!

  4. Good book but needed a better proof reader. There were alot of spelling and punctuation errors. That's sad because the book and characters were really good.

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