Friday, March 9, 2012

Interview: E. A. Rigg

  1) I have just finished reading Casey Barnes Eponymous. Can I say that Casey knows her music or what? So are you a music wiz or did you do alot of research for the novel?

Yes, Casey definitely knows her music.  Music is how she makes sense of the world.  I am very into music as well.  I used to write songs and be in a band.  I listened to a lot of music while writing this book and whenever I found a song that was particularly inspiring I would include it.

2) So, did you sit down and write out a diagram to help form the novel or did you just let your words flow onto the paper?

For my first draft of the novel I let the words flow. Then I realized the plot needed to be tighter so I did a diagram and  a pretty extensive rewrite.  That draft worked a lot better than the first.  For the next novel I am definitely writing an outline before starting the book.

3) Who is your favorite character in the book after Casey- if she is your favorite?

 After Casey I think I like Clayton Gould the best.

 4)What is your favorite band/ singer? 

  That is hard to answer. It changes as I go through life and get exposed to different artists.  I saw Edward Sharpe play last summer and it was one of the most amazing live shows ever so I'd say I'm a big fan of his.  I love Feist.  Her new album rocks.  I've gotten really into The Cure (again) lately.  Crazy old school and crazy amazing.

5) So, do you have a most obsessed fan yet?

I don't have a most obsessed fan yet but people really seem to be liking the book, which makes me very happy.  

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