Review Policy

Hello Bookish Loves,      Since I have bought my beautiful planner earlier this month for the blog, I am now scheduling Book Features of the Week for 2013.  This is a great way to promote your book for free while also obtaining a review.  Book Features of the Week is  a fun thing to do if I have time in advance to get everything ready.   So I need to know 3 weeks ahead of the time you want to have the Book Feature of the Week.

    This year my goal is to get every week booked up with time for me to get the images ready, to review the book, and get my author-asking questions up.
 If you are an author or know an author who may be interested in a spot on BFOTW, or even just a review, here are the requirements:

   1) Your books will have to be in the following genres:
*Children Books (Maya is getting to the point where she loves to read to at night, so I would most definitely be able to review, no matter what sub genre the children's book is.)

*Young Adult under the sub genres:
- Contemporary
- Romance with a big part in the story
- Historical
- Some Paranormal

- Contemporary

* Historical Romance/ Christian Romance  ((NEW REVIEW GENRE!!))
-  Anything from 1500s- 1900s.

* Adult  ((NEW REVIEW GENRE!!))

2)  You will also have to be able to provide two copies of electronic books for their are two reviewers on this site now.  If it is in hardcover format, one will only be needed.  We can exchange the book between the two of us.

3) Send all requests for BFOTW and review requests to .  That is our new email address for this blog.

 Now, those are the requirements for BFOTW and review requests, but we are open to interviews, guest posts, ect. with authors of any genre except Erotica.
Any questions, concerns, ect? Contact me at

    With Bookish Love,
            Courtney Wyant