Author Advice for Writers of the World

Write because you love to write.  If you hope to have your work published, get honest and constructive feedback on your drafts from people you trust to be candid.
                                         - Brian Malloy, Author of Twelve-Long Months 

  Do NOT plan your story. I tend to plan my stories and then they turn out horrible. It's okay to know your ending and how the story will end up, but planning is a big no-no for me. The best writing comes when you surprise yourself. - Blair Burden , author of  Reasons of Recovery

Write what you love. I could never write a detective murder mystery because I don’t love them. Romance has always been my genre and I have a blast creating the characters. If it is truly a passion then stick with it - Tess Oliver , Author of Camille

Write, write and write some more! Start with what you know – your experiences, your wishes and dreams and go on from there. Make things up. Create worlds. There are no rules, you make those up as well. Let your imagination go. It can take you ANYWHERE! - Diane Tolley author of , Carving Angels 

Just keep on writing. Every time you write, you are improving your craft.
I can't tell you how many unfinished manuscripts I have hidden around my
house. Most of them are truly awful. Keep writing if that is your passion,
write all the time, make up stories in your head either for your own
entertainment, or maybe as bedtime stories for your kids. And when you're
ready to publish, make sure you have someone edit your work before
submitting it, whether to an agent, publisher, or as a self-published
work. There isn't anything more important than good editing - except a
really entertaining, well-written story, I guess. (Even well-written
stories need editing. Well-written doesn't equal correctly written!)
- Cindy C Bennett , Author of Geek Girl and Heart on a Chain 

Don't give up.  If you REALLY want to be a writer, you'll find your own way to get there and you'll find the time to do it.  You'll learn how to write, and submit your stories, and improve your talent. It won't be easy, and at the beginning, there will be more heartbreaks than reasons to celebrate.  But the only thing that can honestly stop you is giving up. - Linda Kage , author of the Stillburrow Crush 

Write every day. And by that, I don't mean EVERY day, but certainly twenty-seven or more days out of every month. - Richard Due , author of Moon Coin